Monday, August 9, 2010

an update on things


If you haven't followed me to my new blog - hello! It's been a while.

I've officially stopped Heidi & Seek for good - however! - I have a new project in the works and it'll involve sharing my DIY eco-sewing knowledge online (and in person), perhaps selling some made-by-me clothing samples, as well as some other exciting things I haven't fully hashed out just yet.

But I wanted to introduce what I've been doing over at my new blog just in case you're interested.

UPDATE: The links below don't work anymore, but all the content is at

In a nutshell, Remade in Melbourne is about thinking more mindfully about what we buy and how we live.

It's about our personal relationships with buying stuff: owning our stuff instead of letting it own us. It's about buying second-hand, since consuming this way has much less impact on the environment. It's about adoring the things we do own - the DIY and make-do ways to have nice things (ways that don't have nearly as many social and environmental consequences as heading over to K-Mart, or even that great little indie goods shop).

It's about being conscious of all these things with as little guilt and bad-feelings as possible (I know that sounds contradictory, but that's why I write about self work, too - it's not).

I'm seriously loving blogging at the moment. It's easy to do because I'm now writing about the issues I care most about, and the writing itself seems to be a sort of therapy, more than ever before.

Anyway, if you would like to get aquainted, here are the ten most popular posts:
Or, if you're interested in a particular topic, here are the links to each category.
And here are some of the best posts from each category:

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personal style

The politics of fashion
My personal style
Which colours suit me?
The liberation of knowing your colours

things I made

Campaign shirt into pyjama pants
Second hand (reconstructing a maternity skirt into pants and a tunic for my daughter)
Refashioned jewellery
Red, reconstruction

self work

The art of being nice to yourself
Everyday mindfulness
On spirituality
Creative flow
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Building a preloved wardrobe
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Get one, donate one
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Thrifted magazines

ethical clothing pledge

Ethical clothing pledge
Two months later

mindful parenting

Kids and consumption

ethical health and beauty

Skin and body care


T-shirt pattern from an existing top
Make a t-shirt from your pattern

fun brewing (biz projects)

For inexperienced sewists

I would love to meet you over there, so I hope you come and visit! I'm at