Monday, August 9, 2010

an update on things


If you haven't followed me to my new blog - hello! It's been a while.

I've officially stopped Heidi & Seek for good - however! - I have a new project in the works and it'll involve sharing my DIY eco-sewing knowledge online (and in person), perhaps selling some made-by-me clothing samples, as well as some other exciting things I haven't fully hashed out just yet.

But I wanted to introduce what I've been doing over at my new blog just in case you're interested.

UPDATE: The links below don't work anymore, but all the content is at

In a nutshell, Remade in Melbourne is about thinking more mindfully about what we buy and how we live.

It's about our personal relationships with buying stuff: owning our stuff instead of letting it own us. It's about buying second-hand, since consuming this way has much less impact on the environment. It's about adoring the things we do own - the DIY and make-do ways to have nice things (ways that don't have nearly as many social and environmental consequences as heading over to K-Mart, or even that great little indie goods shop).

It's about being conscious of all these things with as little guilt and bad-feelings as possible (I know that sounds contradictory, but that's why I write about self work, too - it's not).

I'm seriously loving blogging at the moment. It's easy to do because I'm now writing about the issues I care most about, and the writing itself seems to be a sort of therapy, more than ever before.

Anyway, if you would like to get aquainted, here are the ten most popular posts:
Or, if you're interested in a particular topic, here are the links to each category.
And here are some of the best posts from each category:

psychology of stuff

The perils of thrifting. Or, how to consume mindfully.
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personal style

The politics of fashion
My personal style
Which colours suit me?
The liberation of knowing your colours

things I made

Campaign shirt into pyjama pants
Second hand (reconstructing a maternity skirt into pants and a tunic for my daughter)
Refashioned jewellery
Red, reconstruction

self work

The art of being nice to yourself
Everyday mindfulness
On spirituality
Creative flow
Creative stagnation


Building a preloved wardrobe
My new favourite (ethical) coat

Get one, donate one
Presents stock
Thrifted magazines

ethical clothing pledge

Ethical clothing pledge
Two months later

mindful parenting

Kids and consumption

ethical health and beauty

Skin and body care


T-shirt pattern from an existing top
Make a t-shirt from your pattern

fun brewing (biz projects)

For inexperienced sewists

I would love to meet you over there, so I hope you come and visit! I'm at

Friday, March 19, 2010

new blog

I'm done customising my new blog! You can now find me at

Here's is it's purpose, from the 'about' page of the new site:

Remade is about how to be kind. To the environment. To every soul we share this planet with. And, importantly, to yourself.

It has a lot to do with what you buy or don’t buy, because we live in a consumer-driven culture. We are being increasingly defined by the things we have, to our detriment. I believe in the importance of being surrounded by beautiful things you love. But I don’t believe that this must come at the expense of the planet and it’s occupants. Nor do I think we must have ten of every beautiful thing. More is not more.

You may already know about the negative effects of buying new stuff. If not, please take a look at The Story of Stuff.

This little blog is about creating, thrifting and making do. It’s about living your life on your own terms and according to your values, rather than the values that the advertising industry and their clients force on us. It’s not about sacrifice. It’s about freedom.

I don’t have all the answers. I’m certainly not ethically perfect. This blog is my journey to greater ethical living. I hope mine will run alongside yours.
One thing I'm definitely planning is to compile some reconstructing/clothes-making tutorials.

Stop on over and please let me know what you think!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

the little things

I thought of this little game for Ellie.

And was so happy to see that she adored it. Since there are two knitting needles to thread, there's one for her, and one for whoever is sitting with her. 'One you!' as she puts it. The wooden beads are from an old necklace I had but never wore, and the red bowl and the knitting needles are from an op shop - for a grand total of $1.50.

[PS. How awesome is her little elephant desk?! I should get a better pic of it. It's from the Melbourne Zoo, weirdly enough.]

The book publishing job fell through, so I'm back to just studying this year.

It seems that I'm not content with 'just studying' though, so I've been coming up with a number of ideas about products to make and ventures to try when I finish my degree. In the short term I'm planning to start up a new blog focusing on eco-minded craft and living. It's my goal to post something every weekday - something new for me, but I really want to push myself and see if I can do it. Self-discipline is usually something I struggle with, but I've learnt a lot in the past couple of years. I never gave this blog my complete attention because my focus was always on the making and selling, so it will be interesting to see what happens when my focus is a blog by itself.

During the last week I've been battling with Wordpress because I'm self-hosting the new blog and doing the design and coding myself. For some reason when I add images, they don't appear in the post... Anyway, when it's done and I've made a couple of posts I'll show you. Hope you like.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

jewellery storage

A while ago I found this old broken cupboard door and have been using it to pin up photos and things. But now it's much more useful. I just put some nails in it to hang up my necklaces. (I culled about half my collection first.)

I've been searching for a storage solution for my necklaces for a little while now. They've been jammed in a drawer in individual plastic zippies for a few years, but I usually forgot about them there, so I never tended to wear much jewellery as a consequence. I'm sure I'll be wearing necklaces much more often now that they're on display. And they're much easier to choose between.

I was planning to make a jewellery tree, but I much prefer this, plus I didn't need any new materials. Yay for being creative with stuff you already own.

Speaking of jewellery, I'm a little in love with an Etsy shop called Moth House. Particularly these three pieces.

And especially particularly the bracelet. My birthday's coming up in a couple months...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

impulse buy

I come across lots of vintage pieces and shops online, but nothing usually takes my fancy. A lot of the higher end vintage e-stores tend to have a bunch of 'trendy' going on, and I'm really aware of how those trends date fast.

So I don't think I've bought a vintage piece of clothing since about two years ago when I scored a $9 wool blazer. Usually I'm like, 'Ahh, I can make something I like better than that for much cheaper' and move on.

But I was unable to let this dress go to someone else.

I'm excited.

Monday, February 1, 2010


I'm reorganising our space. No longer will clothing, materials, dressforms and such take over the house, hurrah! I joke, but it really does make a big difference to me. As a place to live for Tim, Ellie and I, our unit is a nice size. Not huge, not tiny, just kind of perfect. As a place to live for us three, plus a clothing studio, it's crowded and a bit ridiculous.

Since we've moved in two years ago, I've always been distracted and haven't devoted much time to interior design. Besides that, we have so much stuff that we don't use or need, and I hadn't gone through it all properly before. I'm doing it now, and it feels so good to get rid of things. I can be a bit of a hoarder, but I can just as easily decide to chuck a thing if it takes me more than three seconds to decide. I'm a firm believer in only keeping things you love (or, turning things you don't love into things you do) but I tend to know instinctively whether something is/can be meaningful to me.

Everything has been going to charity or to Reverse Art Truck.

I'm on a ban from buying any clothing to reconstruct, because I've still got two huge tubs worth of the special pieces I wanted to keep for my personal stash.

I love love arranging things, so I'm having a great time making our place cosy and quirky and nice. So far I've only finished with my desk area, so I'll show you that.

Featuring two of my favourite op shop finds everr.

This vintage green magnetic board with a cute leaf border. This isn't the best place for it, but I'll figure out another spot for it later. I just like looking at it.

This little wooden bear whom I've named Oxford. Oxford, meet the Internet.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

in 2010

So I know I've kind of disappeared off the face of the Internet lately. Sorry about that, guys. And I hope you all had wonderful Christmases and New Years'. We had a brilliant day.

Anyway. I've been doing some serious soul searching, goal deciding, career thinking. I've decided to take an extended break from Heidi & Seek while I finish off my degree in 2010. My Etsy shop will still be open, but I won't be adding new stock to it.

I used to enjoy making clothes with my hands, but having to churn them out for business and profit has truly dulled the joy. So I'm taking some time to find my direction, to look for that energising passion again, even if I find it elsewhere in the end.

I have a number of ideas about paths I might like to follow. Teacher, editor, writer. I have a persistent idea for another business venture, but I'm going to take my time with this one. I'll let you know if/when it gets off the ground, because I'm sure you'd all love it.

Needless to say, I'm still incredibly environmentally-inclined, and I believe in the superpowers of craft. If I have my way, many more people will come to realise the neverending number of crafty ways to live prettily and happily without exploiting the planet.