Wednesday, January 9, 2008

About me and this blog

Little update: As of January 2010, I am no longer keeping up Heidi & Seek, and instead will be finishing my BA and trying to poke my nose deeper into the book publishing industry.

Hello. I'm Hayley. I run an ethical women's clothing label called Heidi and Seek. I'm 23 and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I'm currently studying at fashion school to hone my self-taught skills while running my business. I'm a partner to an inspiring, supportive, lovely person called Tim and mother to a darling 2-year-old girl named Elliot.

I'm passionate about sustainable living and buying ethically, and I love fashion. Heidi and Seek began as a hobby during 2008 as my way of supporting my ethics and fulfilling my creative need. In November '08 it evolved into a small business. Heidi and Seek is sweatshop-free, as all garments are made by me, plus it's eco-friendly, because the fabrics I use are reclaimed from factories or thrift stores. I believe that reusing is the best way to a sustainable future. You can find out more about ethics in the fashion industry here.

I’m responsible for every aspect of the business, from pattern-making to modelling to packing orders and keeping accounts.

Aside from Heidi and Seek, I love music and am always open to new artist suggestions. My favourites are Rachael Yamagata, Emiliana Torrini, Damien Rice and Radiohead, to name a few. I love thrift shopping because of the amazing things you can find, plus it's inexpensive and eco-friendly. I love making things and seeing what other crafty types have ingeniously created. Tim, Ellie and I are piscatarians on the verge of vegetarianism.

I'm constantly looking for ways I can be kinder to the environment and people through what I buy and how I live. I'm always finding new ways to help me. I'm hoping they will help you too. So I'll share my journey with you.