Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New designs

I'm a bit excited about the new stuff I've just uploaded. I think I'm going in a bit of a new direction. Love the asymmetry, so I'm going to be trying more of that in the future. I'm also really into ruffley bits. Would love to hear your thoughts! There's more to be listed over the next week or so.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Recent thrift finds

Firstly, I know my Etsy shop has been a little lonelier than usual, listing-wise. I've had a backlog of Heidi & Seek items that hadn't been posted because I didn't have photos. Now that the photo shoot is done, starting from tonight, I'm resuming regular daily or every-two-days listings. For reals this time.

Secondly, I thought I would show you some of the things I picked up recently while thrift shopping.

This little guy was a steal and caught my eye out of the many pastel stuffed animals. One might assume I bought it for Ellie, but teddy sits on my desk because Ellie hasn't warmed to stuffed things. She can have it if she decides she likes it.

I've been very interested in brightening up our place with delightful storage bits and pieces. The ceramic cup and yellow tin bucket are for holding thread (cup) and holding fabric scraps as I'm working (bucket). I thought the tin was adorable but haven't put it to use yet.

An adorable woolen cardigan for Ellie, only $4. Had to mend a hole, but it's good as new now. After I took this picture I realised the poster was in the background and thought I'd get a better shot of it.

That's my dad, drawn when he was a teenager. It's one of those life drawings you see people peddling in public places. It's nice to remember him by.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Holiday return

I'm back from Tasmania! It was gorgeous and fun. Will upload pics when I have them. I feel kind of like a different person now that I'm back. The house feels strange because I did a complete reorganise just before we went away (plus, it is tidy. Shock horror).

I've never really had a 'refreshing' holiday before (probably because as a part-time uni student living with a casual retail job living with her parents, I never needed a break). During the trip, I got a bunch of ideas for my novel, and wrote most of my plot outline. I feel good about getting stuck back into Heidi & Seek. Not feeling quite as good about the essay I have due on Monday. But still overwhelmingly happy with life. It was lovely to have more quality family time than usual.

In other news, Etsy Voter has popped up I'm-not-sure-when, but basically there are a number of polls where you choose between items with a certain theme. I'm in a new poll at the moment called Eco-friendly Items for a Better World (isn't that lovely?). Click the link to vote for my Ella dress if you wanna.

I'm fixing up orders placed while I was away, but I won't be back to listing and making until Monday.

Also! Sydney-siders, there's going to be a public talk about ethical fashion at the University of Sydney. It's called Slaves to Fashion - the apparel industry and the race to the bottom. It's next Monday the 20th April, from 4-5:30pm, given by Prof. Robert J.S. Ross from Clark University, USA. It will be in Room 148 of the RC Mills building, which is in between City Rd and the Manning Bar. Wish I could go. Even events like this in Melbourne, I don't end up attending for lack of time.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Tasmania and Gunns pulp mill

We're headed to Tasmania next Thursday, so all orders received between the 9th and the 19th will be shipped on Monday the 20th.

Tasmania is such a beautiful, nature-filled place. We would love to live down there, but I don't want to be so far away from our families. And the way things are going, there won't be much beautiful nature there anymore. Over 75% of the rainforest has already been consumed.

From The Wilderness Society:

"Gunns Ltd, Australia’s largest logging company, is proposing to build a chlorine bleaching, native forest fed pulp mill in Tasmania. Stopping the pulp mill is crucial because it will be a disaster for climate change. It will be 80 per cent native forest-based, consuming an area of forest equivalent to 100,000 MCGs. Marine life, human health and other industries, including tourism, agriculture and fisheries are also threatened by this polluting development. The pulp mill has been approved for construction via inadequate, fast tracked approval processes that have ignored many of the key issues that concern the public. Funding has not been secured for the project, and public opposition continues to grow - it can still be stopped."

Despite Gunns' attempts to ensure the public that they are an environmentally considerate logging company (don't make me laugh), it seems that they're basing their statements on faulty research or deliberately overlooking many of the other effects of their practices. Besides, it's obviously all about the money, hence the suing protesters for millions and their history of strong-arming the government.

Flex your cyberactivist muscles and sign a pledge to help here.