Friday, August 7, 2009

op shopping and a little creativity

Spent most of today making this to put next to my stock at incube8r.

It doesn't look like it would take that long, but I had hassles printing onto fabric again. After ironing freezer paper onto the fabric then carefully cutting it out to a perfect A4, it jammed in the printer. Then a second time, then a third.

I finally realised that I hadn't set it to heavy paper. Then I printed out a perfect one, but forgot to include my website and blog. So I tried once more with the correct text, but at the heat setting stage the ink ran. I was stupid enough to be doing this on the couch, and got it stained with my promo text and ahhh! I'll stop whining now. It's finished and I like it. It looks better in person!

Yesterday was my day off. I went to a few op-shops and didn't look for anything Heidi & Seek related. I really needed a break. I got these jeans.

Yes, that does say superflare. And no, superflares are not my style. However, they fit perfectly at the top so I will be turning them into skinnies.

I also got these cute things: a mini easel photo frame and a yellow vintage sugar jar.

I'm slowly trying to make my home pretty. Space is a big issue for us so everything I buy has to have a purpose. I'm looking for things second-hand before I resort to buying anything new. However, I was looking for a solution to the notebooks and diaries I like to have on hand at my desk (but that clutter it up), so I bought this rack from Ikea. It'll attach to the side of my desk, so everything is off the surface but still easily accessible.

Walking through Ikea, I was very tempted by other colourful storage things, but I resisted. I'd much rather find second-hand boxes and things.


Original Mischief said...

Love the retro sugar bowl! Perfect sunny colour for a cheerful kitchen.

Penny said...

Ooh nice jeans... if you left them lying around near me they'd be turned into purses quick smart :D

I have a few Ikea / Kmart type storage solutions too - every once in a while I find a perfect gem in an op shop and can replace my plastic boxes etc, but for now Ikea is rather handy!

Mrs Button said...

hi - nice to meet you, i'm new around here. love your blog. i'll visit again :o)

JoolzGirl said...

Oooh some great shopping there :) And congratulations! I am nominating you for the Kreativ Blogger Award! There are a few strings attached, but its fun and is a great way of interacting with your fellow bloggers!
Nominee Rules: • Thank the person who nominated you for the award • Copy the logo and place it on your blog • Link to the person who nominated you for this award • List seven things about yourself that people might find interesting • Nominate and post links to the Kreativ Bloggers you nominate • Leave a comment on each of the blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.

msc_ssa said...
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Heidi and Seek said...

Original Mischief - Thanks! It was a good find.

Penny - I know what you mean, it's handy to be able to walk into a shop and find exactly what you wanted.

Mrs Button - Hello and thanks! Just had a look at your blog and I love your collages!

Joolz - I'm flattered, thank you for nominating me!

OSIER said...

ooooh, that sugar container is bliss....