Thursday, January 28, 2010

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So I know I've kind of disappeared off the face of the Internet lately. Sorry about that, guys. And I hope you all had wonderful Christmases and New Years'. We had a brilliant day.

Anyway. I've been doing some serious soul searching, goal deciding, career thinking. I've decided to take an extended break from Heidi & Seek while I finish off my degree in 2010. My Etsy shop will still be open, but I won't be adding new stock to it.

I used to enjoy making clothes with my hands, but having to churn them out for business and profit has truly dulled the joy. So I'm taking some time to find my direction, to look for that energising passion again, even if I find it elsewhere in the end.

I have a number of ideas about paths I might like to follow. Teacher, editor, writer. I have a persistent idea for another business venture, but I'm going to take my time with this one. I'll let you know if/when it gets off the ground, because I'm sure you'd all love it.

Needless to say, I'm still incredibly environmentally-inclined, and I believe in the superpowers of craft. If I have my way, many more people will come to realise the neverending number of crafty ways to live prettily and happily without exploiting the planet.


Penny said...

Hi Hayley!! I was starting to think you'd moved to Mars or some such! It's such a shame to lose inspiration for something you once loved, and I'm sure one day you'll be back to it. In the meantime, hooray for so many ideas! (Especially exciting ones we might like!)

Good luck with your degree :)


-- Carolyn -- said...

Best of luck Hayley and enjoy the ride!

Kara said...

Hi... You don't know me, but I found you through wardrobe refashion- I've been inspired by your shop and just thought I'd tell you thanks for that-- Hope you find happiness and fulfillment in whatever path you choose!!

Isis said...

Will you still be blogging Hayley, because I really enjoy your blog. It's a pity to see Heidi and Seek stop (maybe just for now), but I understand how hard it is to keep going when you've lost the passion and creativity. Being creative 'on queue' is very hard

best of wishes with uni and good luck with what ever you end up doing

x isis

Ruth Quibell said...

G'day Hayley. I've really enjoy your blog, both the creative side and your questioning & reflections on what you're doing. Congratulations on making such a tough decision, and my best wishes for the year ahead!

nikkishell said...

Good luck with finishing your degree. I know how hard it can be to make these kinds of decisions, doing a little soul searching myself right now.xx

Hayley Bash said...

Hi Hayley. Good luck with your changes, I'm sure you will be much happier since you've put a lot of thought into it. Will you still blog? Would you maybe do some custom pieces? xx

Heidi and Seek said...

Penny - Hello! Yes, I felt very neglectful of the blog, but I think I just needed to sort things out in my head first. And thank youu!

Carolyn - Thank you lovely.

Kara - Thanks so much for commenting, I'm really glad I inspired you. Just checked out your Etsy shop and I love it!

Isis - Yes, I'll still blog.

I think it's a pity, too, and I've spent the last however many months trying to talk myself out of it... but if it doesn't make me happy then that's that.

Ruth - Thank you, I'm really glad you enjoy the blog. The good news is I'll still be posting!

Nikki - Thank you. I hope you figure your stuck out soon, if it is a stuck.

Hayley - I sent an email to your Deakin address.

Polka Dot Rabbit said...

HI Hayley,

I can certainly relate to where you are at, I've had a similar challenge with Polka Dot Rabbit where I got to a point where churning out stock to keep up with demand just wasn't fun or sustainable for a happy life.

I think a lot of creative people have been in similar positions lately and I hope you enjoy your studies this year :)

I still adore my Heidi and Seek top!

Kerry said...

I was thinking about you recently. I was lamenting on the fact that I no longer have the enthusiasm for making things to sell online that I did when I first started... and I was just thinking 'Gosh, I wonder how Hayley keeps up her enthusiasm'.

"I used to enjoy making clothes with my hands, but having to churn them out for business and profit has truly dulled the joy."

This is so true for me too. The minute I started taking photos, listing, and posting things out... my enthusiasm died. It really did dull the whole thing out for me. I have also taken an extended break... I do miss it sometimes... I make the odd thing here and there, but I haven't listed anything on etsy or made it for ages, and I've taken a break from Leeloo too.

I'm hoping to get back into it sometime in the future... but I think if I do, I want to be able to put 100% in. At the time, I was only really putting in 60% in... and I was disappointed with myself. Being a perfectionist, I can't just 'do it in my spare time'... I feel like I'm somehow letting myself down, or not meeting my true potential, if that makes sense.

Anyway, good luck with your studies in 2010. Is this your final year? I'm doing postgrad studies this year... very full on!

Take care of yourself, and keep in touch! And keep making stuff! Even if you don't sell it... don't lose that passion for eco-fashion!

Heidi and Seek said...

Cate - I'm glad you like your top! Thanks for the encouragement, it's nice to hear I'm not alone!

Kerry - I know exactly what you mean about that perfectionist inside saying 'you must put in 100%'. I'm trying really hard to get over that, though, because sometimes it prevents me from making progress and positive change.

I felt like I was letting myself down a lot every time I didn't put in my all to the business. But now I think that if I didn't want to put in my all, it wasn't the right thing for me.

I'm still a little worried that maybe nothing will give me this endless passion... but I'm being optimistic. And I'm still going to search for it.

And yep, this is my final year. I may do a postgrad publishing and editing course next year, but I'll wait and see. Kudos to you for a) completing your first degree and b) keeping on!

I'm really excited about making things for myself.. I haven't given myself that luxury since I started selling. As soon as I've sorted out my redone craft area, I'll be all over that :p

Kara said...

I just wanted to come back to say thanks, Again! It Really means a lot to me that you like my work!

I'm wondering how it will be for me... If listing and Etsy and selling will make me not enjoy the creating... I'm obviously new to it! (the Etsy part... I've loved creating so far! but I don't want to end up hating it...)
If you know of any tips... I hope to still enjoy the creating process and not have it become about sales or anything...

Maybe it's just that there's a time for everything... and maybe I won't always sell either, but just for a little bit... I guess we'll see! We all have different paths that come up... I'm going to try this one for a while, and see what it brings. Maybe I'll tire of it like you have for now... who knows!
Just remember you had a good influence doing what you've done so far--Even if you never go back to it! And I like your list of things to do! Those should keep you busy... Just enjoy life, right?

Little eco footprints said...

Hi Hayley. I'm glad to hear you have made the hard decision to stop doing something that wasn't enjoyable any more...You must be so proud of what you created with Heidi and Seek! I found you and your work inspitarational. Thank you. I imagine you learnt so much from the process.

I can totally relate to how you are feeling. I gave away Flannel Fings a few months ago after realising I hadn't created anything other than Flannel Fings for over a year! I was hating sewing and I realised for me the business was supposed to be about creating - but all I was doing was sewing. So now i'm enjoying creating again.

Good luck with uni.....and i'm so glad to hear you will still be blogging because I love reading it :-)

Stitchybritt said...

Hi Hayley

I think your blog is really interesting and inspiring, strange that I stumbled across it now (via etsy researching vintage refashioning) at this turning point in your creativity. I think it's great that you can write about how you really feel, make the change, aim your creative flair at your next adventure!

Am also really happy that you will keep blogging : )


Anonymous said...


Congratulations on making an incredibly difficult decision! I know how hard it because I have recently made it myself (yesterday was my official "closing up shop" date). I regualary stop by your blog for a peek and wondered what was going on for you since you stopped blogging.

Working as a one-woman sweat shop kinda killed all possibility of creative satisfaction for me, and whilst I knew that things weren't working for me for quite a few months, I still put myself through the wringer of "Why can't I make this work! Other people can!"

I just wanted to say that I applaud you doing what is right for you.

Best wishes for your future endevours,


Heidi and Seek said...

Kara -

You're welcome, and I was being 100% honest. If I didn't make my own clothes I'd totally buy something.

I suppose, about tips for not getting burnt out... for me I think it was because I was too focused on the money side of things. I knew I had to make a certain amount to be able to do it for a living. I think if I did it because I liked it, only took on work that I enjoyed (custom orders killed me a bit), and didn't worry so much about the profits (if I had another job or something, which I didn't when I started) maybe it would have been different. Maybe if I wasn't juggling study, plus a toddler, plus the business it would have been different.

But another part of me thinks that making for a living just isn't for me. I can get a lot more enjoyment just making things for myself and people I know, and sharing for the love of it. I'm already more inspired to start sharing my sewing knowledge for nothing... and that makes me happier than doing it for profit.

I'm feeling really good about my decision, but I'm also really happy with what I've achieved. Thanks for your encouraging words.

Tricia -

Thanks so much.

I'm really surprised by how many people relate to this post. Handmade businesses seem like dream jobs, and at times I've had to remind myself that just because other people might think I should stick with it, I need to listen to my gut.

So yes, I know exactly what you mean - especially about enjoying creating again. I haven't sorted out my craft area enough to make anything yet, but I'm feeling inspired in a way I haven't in a very long time.

Stitchybritt - Thanks for your lovely words. It's hard to be honest sometimes, but that's always been my aim with this blog. I don't see the point in glamourising the business, when really it's just hard slog.

And yep, I am totally ready for what life has in store for me next.

Mel -

It's sad that your work won't be available anymore because I love your designs, but great that you've figured this out and I hope you're feeling good about it, too. We all need to do what's best for ourselves, much as it'd be nice to be able to service everyone!

Working as a one-woman sweat shop kinda killed all possibility of creative satisfaction for me, and whilst I knew that things weren't working for me for quite a few months, I still put myself through the wringer of "Why can't I make this work! Other people can!"

This is so spot on for me, too. I spent ages trying to convince myself that this was a dream job, and if I'd just try harder, then things would work and I'd get over the doubts. Nope. I should have listened to my intuition earlier.

It's nice to hear that others have gone through the same feelings.

Polka Dot Rabbit said...

Yes, just wanted to add that there has to be a better way than all of us slaving away at home in our 'one woman sweat shops'. I wrote about this late last year

Thought it might interest readers to know they aren't alone, a lot of us are having the same conversations :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow.. I missed this!! What a very clear path you are on right now. 2010 feels very much like that and I know I'm not the only one to say that. It has a different vibe.

Best of luck with it all. I know you'll do well in whatever you set your mind to. Are you going to keep up the blog? I am a sucky reader/follower, but I do really enjoy yours!! :)

Best wishes,