Thursday, April 16, 2009

Holiday return

I'm back from Tasmania! It was gorgeous and fun. Will upload pics when I have them. I feel kind of like a different person now that I'm back. The house feels strange because I did a complete reorganise just before we went away (plus, it is tidy. Shock horror).

I've never really had a 'refreshing' holiday before (probably because as a part-time uni student living with a casual retail job living with her parents, I never needed a break). During the trip, I got a bunch of ideas for my novel, and wrote most of my plot outline. I feel good about getting stuck back into Heidi & Seek. Not feeling quite as good about the essay I have due on Monday. But still overwhelmingly happy with life. It was lovely to have more quality family time than usual.

In other news, Etsy Voter has popped up I'm-not-sure-when, but basically there are a number of polls where you choose between items with a certain theme. I'm in a new poll at the moment called Eco-friendly Items for a Better World (isn't that lovely?). Click the link to vote for my Ella dress if you wanna.

I'm fixing up orders placed while I was away, but I won't be back to listing and making until Monday.

Also! Sydney-siders, there's going to be a public talk about ethical fashion at the University of Sydney. It's called Slaves to Fashion - the apparel industry and the race to the bottom. It's next Monday the 20th April, from 4-5:30pm, given by Prof. Robert J.S. Ross from Clark University, USA. It will be in Room 148 of the RC Mills building, which is in between City Rd and the Manning Bar. Wish I could go. Even events like this in Melbourne, I don't end up attending for lack of time.


Pattie said...

Welcome back!! Glad to know everything went fine...and I am soo going to vote for you :)

Stepstotheleft said...

Eeee! You're back. I was in Borders today and I picked up a copy of Peppermint and was flicking through it and trying to decide whether to buy it or not. Then I came to a double page spread with a bee-u-tiful dress on it and thought 'THAT'S MY FRIEND HAYLEY WHO MADE THAT DRESS' and ran to the counter with it. I very nearly yelled 'I know this girl!' at the guy behind the counter but I managed to contain my glee.

cottonjens said...

new to your stuff, and enjoying your fashions and blog very much. we have similar tastes and eco values. continued success to you!

Heidi and Seek said...

Pattie - Thank you, lovely!

Steps - Awh!@ Heart you.

cottonjens - Thanks for commenting and your lovely words. I hope that you continue blogging because I'd love to hear more about you.

Carolyn said...

Hey Hayley, glad you're back. Missing my daily checking of your shop for new stuff hehe...

You were on the Etsy front page again recently...sorry i didn't notice whose treasury it was..!

Heidi and Seek said...

Carolyn - Awh, your comment made my day! I had no idea anyone checked my shop so regularly. It's also excellent motivation to stick to daily listings. :p

Thanks for letting me know about the front page! There's a cool feature at that lets you check whether/when any member has been on the front page. I checked the treasury on there.