Monday, April 27, 2009

Recent thrift finds

Firstly, I know my Etsy shop has been a little lonelier than usual, listing-wise. I've had a backlog of Heidi & Seek items that hadn't been posted because I didn't have photos. Now that the photo shoot is done, starting from tonight, I'm resuming regular daily or every-two-days listings. For reals this time.

Secondly, I thought I would show you some of the things I picked up recently while thrift shopping.

This little guy was a steal and caught my eye out of the many pastel stuffed animals. One might assume I bought it for Ellie, but teddy sits on my desk because Ellie hasn't warmed to stuffed things. She can have it if she decides she likes it.

I've been very interested in brightening up our place with delightful storage bits and pieces. The ceramic cup and yellow tin bucket are for holding thread (cup) and holding fabric scraps as I'm working (bucket). I thought the tin was adorable but haven't put it to use yet.

An adorable woolen cardigan for Ellie, only $4. Had to mend a hole, but it's good as new now. After I took this picture I realised the poster was in the background and thought I'd get a better shot of it.

That's my dad, drawn when he was a teenager. It's one of those life drawings you see people peddling in public places. It's nice to remember him by.

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Anonymous said...

Love the cardi. So cute!