Friday, June 5, 2009

things i would like to be mine

I've been working fairly non-stop this past week, so I treated myself to a bit of Etsy browsing. Very much considering buying that yaelfran print for my studio. Utterly adorable.

I love the idea of a contemplation garden. It wouldn't be too hard to find some sand and a pretty dish and a cute fork from an op shop.

I recently bought this belt from utilitywear on Etsy.
I think it will come in very handy for short trips.

I used to be quite happy lugging around kilos on my shoulder in a tote or handbag, but since I've had Ellie, I'm a little more wary of putting too much pressure on my neck and back, since they're already overworked. A backpack is the best option for everday use for me. I've been searching high and low on the net (plus just about every search page on Etsy with the tag 'backpack'. You'd understand how tedious that was if you knew how many non-backpacks come up in the search) to find something cute and unusual, because this one isn't wearing very well. I've found absolutely nothing I like. Bugger all.

When I have some spare time I will a) try to teach myself bag-making techniques b) design one I like and c) make it. I think it will be a long while away.

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Clare said...

The dress up dolls is amazing. I love things with pegs and things in miniature... perfect!

I also feel your pain with the etsy backpack searching, I have been through them all myself. I have back problems and can't wear shoulder bags, but there are never any pretty back-friendly bags around. Like you I also pondered on learning to make bags and filling this gap.