Thursday, October 1, 2009

style number one

The past couple of weeks have been hectic with distractions. Family life has been more stressful than usual and it's amazing how terribly that affects my work motivation and productivity. It's also amazing how having wonderfully relaxed family days can make me feel incredibly energised. I feel like my mojo has returned a bit since Tuesday in the park with Tim, Ellie, the sun (how I've missed thee!) and plenty of fruit.

Anyway. Meet my new friend:

He's a beast, but a tame one when you know how to handle him. I'm a little in love.

I've made up a basic tshirt pattern with a casual fit - it tapers in at the waist a little and has a little bit of extra room at the hips. I think shirts that are tight at the hip are the worst - any size person will display some sort of muffin-top if they're wearing jeans.

My first style is a casual fit tee with contrasting sleeves and a scoop neckline that gets wider at the front. What do you think?

I'm going to be filling my Incube8r space with just these in different colours and sizes. There's not enough room to provide a good selection of more than one style there, I think. So I'll see how these go. By next week I should have enough to fill the shop space and I'll take them in. Then I'll be developing other styles and making some for my Etsy shop. I have to work on the Incube8r stock first, because the rent keeps coming so it costs me money to wait.


rejenerate said...

These look super awesome! Perfect for summer :)

Ruth Quibell said...

Lovely, rare green! There aren't enough deep green tops in the world.

I know what you mean about missing the sun too. The garden's much happier for last week's rain (and my son got to splash around in the puddles).

Mel said...

Great tees! The fit sounds just right - I hate tight tees around the midriff!

Songbird Designs said...

Just beautiful! Can't wait till it makes it to your etsy store :-)

Cath from chunkychooky said...

I love them. I so agree about the muffin top.
That machine looks intimidating. I am scared of it.
I hope its friendly.

Heidi and Seek said...

Jen - Thanks!
I got emailed a press release a couple of days ago for 'Regenerate', a clothing company. I think yours is way wittier.

Ruth - I love deep green too! Unfortunately, them being rare means that I don't find many to reconstruct, either.

Mel - Thanks, I'm glad it seems that my choice of fit was a good one!

Songbird Designs - Thank you!

Cath - Thanks! Yep, industrial machines looks scary, don't they? I thought it was going to eat me alive the first time I tried one.

Anonymous said...

Look great!

Look after yourself :-)