Monday, May 18, 2009

Crafting failures and successes

You know how sometimes you create something that you can be proud of (and you have this 'yes!' moment when you're done) and then other times the finished product isn't quite so great? I found examples of this in my most recent batch of Heidi & Seek creations.

Here's the one I love:

Here's the one I feel like shoving under the bed:

When my experimentations with colour and design went awry, sometimes I would list these pieces anyway to see if someone else might like them and they're just not my style (and sometimes they would sell) but now I think that if I don't like them then they shouldn't be representing my work in my shop. I'll let you know what it turns into when I change it up.

Mind you, the first top came with its own set of problems, because first I made a top out of the purple fabric alone, which turned out a disaster, so I reconstructed it into the vanessa top. Such is the beauty of designing one-offs on a whim! I think it's much more fun than reproducing the same thing over and over.

One more thing: check out this thought-provoking post from OutsaPop Trashion about why, in ten years time, buying recycled clothing might not be an option.


Clare said...

I think the neck on that second top is really interesting. Did it not look right when you tried it on?
The clock is all wrapped up by the way and I should be posting it off today!


Heidi and Seek said...

Yeah, I don't mind the concept, maybe done differently I would like it. It's a size XL, so I couldn't tell much from trying it on myself.

And thanks, I'm excited!

cottonjens said...

i love hearing the trials as well as successes in sewing. i lost count of my flubs loooong ago, but i remember them fondly! i learn alot from them too! i like the first top actually...

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