Friday, May 22, 2009

sometimes things disappear

Just a quick note to say that if you notice something in my Etsy shop and come back and it's disappeared (i.e. not in my sold section, either), it's because I've sold it in a wholesale order to a retailer or I've sent it off for a fancy pants magazine photo shoot or some such. If you convo me I can tell you if it's coming back to Etsy or not.

My sansa skirt, among other things, has gone to the latter, more specifically the first issue of Oxfam's Three Things magazine ("a humorous, hard hitting magazine for modern folk") which I would LOVE to get regularly. The first issue is only being distributed in NSW, so I hope they expand to include other states for future issues. I'm happy for the moment because I'm being sent a copy of the one I'm in, muaha.


art4friends said...

oh that is awesome about being in the mag! congrats and I hope I get to see a copy! (being in NSW, yipee!)

Clare said...

Wow that magazine sounds really interesting. Congratulations on all your features!

I really like that skirt too, the wavy hem looks really flattering.

Hayley Bash said...

or I snap them up! lol.

the sansa skirt is very cute!

Gina said...

Hi. I've just come across your blog and business and I'm enjoying reading back through some of your many thoughtful posts. I love what you're on about. I'm on my own 'consume less, consume with care' kick and it's great to get encouragement from people who've already thought things through a bit. Keep it up.