Thursday, May 21, 2009

web design and online social networking

I'm redesigning and here is a sneak peek:

Excuse the bad quality, Blogger seems to be terrible at resizing screen shots. I'm adding links to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr to it, which meant that I actually started using these sites again.

I set up a Facebook page months ago, but didn't finish it or do anything with it, until the other night. If you'd like to join, click here. I'll be uploading my new listings to my photo gallery there so they'll come up in your feed, and I'm definitely not sending out mass messages all the time because I know that gets annoying (I'd have a really good excuse if I did send one, promise).

I set up a more reliable mailing list, which you can join here or there's a little form on my blog page, too. (If you already signed up before the change, you don't need to sign up again.)

You can also find me on Twitter and Flickr. Though to be honest, Twitter still confuses me a bit. Come say hi if you tweet too!

I find web designing both frustrating and fun at the same time. And it's usually a long time between utilising my web design skills, so I always have to relearn a bunch of things. Although I've been designing web pages longer than I've been sewing, so you could say it's my roots!


Penny said...

It's so satisfying designing a nice website, but also so frustrating to actually make it.

I'm currently trying to figure out Zen Cart... wah!

Anonymous said...

thank you! That looks like a great resource

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Anonymous said...

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