Friday, May 29, 2009

feeling unsettled, studio

I'm having one of those rut-feelings where I want to take my label in a bit of a different direction and so I'm unhappy with almost everything currently in my shop. (I know I say this like every two weeks, but my ideas are always changing and I can't help it!) What do you do in this situation?

(This post from Call My Agent about a rejected query letter for a novel made me laugh and feel better, for one.)

Anyway, I'm creating the things I want to represent me and maybe I'll have a sale on some older stock soon. I think one of my problems was that I'm so strapped for time (I only work two days a week at the moment) that on those days I thought to myself 'holy crap I need to make the most of this!@' and then I created and created without really thinking through the designs fully - and that meant I ended up with hit-or-misses. Most, if not every piece should be a hit. That's my goal.

I've also reorganised my workspace, which makes it much easier to see what sleeves, cuffs, necklines and other random pieces I've already cut out, and therefore it's much easier to match colours. The colour combos of my new pieces are definitely benefiting from it.

(Click to enlarge)

I still haven't finished with the making it pretty. The clock up on the wall is broken, for one, but soon to be replaced with this beauty! And I haven't shown you the other side which is full of piles of clothing to be reconstructed. But at least I can find my bits and pieces easily, and I'm just working from the pile from the top.

I can't wait to upload my new stuff, but I've missed my shot for today, it's too dark now to photograph them.

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