Friday, May 29, 2009

new stockist: rude health

Rude Health is a brand spanking new shop in Melbourne, and you can find Heidi & Seek items there. Every item is sweatshop-free and made in Australia, how cool is that? "Think polka dot fifties dresses, crocheted alien birds, silk high-waisted undies, Little Red Riding Hood capes, stripy one-piece pyjamas, paperboy woollen caps and felt lungs in jars."

Stop by at 17 Irwell St, St Kilda.


Kerry said...

Oh my god! That shop looks amazing! I'm going to st kilda on Sunday, are they open on Sundays?

Gina said...


Stepstotheleft said...

Why is all the awesomely cool stuff in Melbourne? There is nothing cool up here. I am going to have to come and visit I think. Congratulations Hayley!

Heidi and Seek said...

Kerry - I sent you an email!

Gina - Thanks!

Steps - I definitely think you should visit. We could get crepes and check out zines at Sticky.