Monday, July 6, 2009

the downside of new crafty things

I feel like a bit of a crappy frugal buyer at the moment. My order just arrived from and it is rather large. But I did look for quality, study things that will hopefully last for a long time. Spotlight has a really, really sucky range compared to these guys.

I had never delved into the scrapbooking world before and I was boggled by the things out there. I arrived at because I was looking for a circle paper punch for my new hangtag designs (and was way overcharging for them), and then I discovered all the other cool stuff there is. I'm not going to start scrapbooking, but I am interested in paper goods like notebooks, journals, cards, calendars and whatnots.

I spent like a day figuring out what I wanted - really wanted - and what I could do without. Mostly I bought tools. Like the Crop-A-Dile eyelet and snap punch tool, which can punch holes in almost anything that will fit between the blades. I'm not so interested in the eyelets, but I bought it for the durability of the hole punch. I want to make reclaimed, altered journals and notebooks with this, as well as punching holes in my hangtags.

I got the Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper Tool, which is a punch that rounds off corners by cutting the excess.

I think rounded corners makes things look much more professional, so I'm going to attack my business cards with these, and use it for other paper/card projects too. From all the reviews I've read online, Crop-A-Dile tools are very sturdy and work really well, so I went with this.

I also got the Marvy Uchida Clever Lever Extra Giga Circle punch for my hangtags, which punches out a chunky 3.5 inch circle.

I'm still trying to figure out what design to use, because the recycled Ecocern card I have won't go through my printer. I don't have forever to make hangtags, but I do want them to be unique, recycled and obviously handmade (in other words, with more care taken to make them that the plain printed card ones at every department store). I'll post pictures when I've worked on the design.

I also got some stamps for Heidi & Seek packages, stamp pads (I looked EVERYWHERE for vegetable based stamp pads, and even plain veg-based ink, but found nada), date stamps for making calendars, mod podge for upcycling some of our boring furniture & homewares, a paper craft knife and some craft scissors. Thus begins my adventures into recycled paper crafts.

Now I'm off to go buy more new things off the equipment list for my course. Crap. (But I'm excited regardless.)


kalliopi said...

ohh... i love all these punchy things too!
I have a little collection and they are so much fun to use.

Anonymous said...

and all the course things are lovely too... so 'proper' somehow, all industrial in their heavy cast metal, and so tactile :D

They feel like the things my Grandma used to teach me to sew (she was once a dressmaking teacher though she'd forgotten some of what she knew by my time, and I was too young and impatient to learn the rest.)

Can you tell I'm excited to start this course? bounce bounce bounce...

Anonymous said...

I bought the Ecocern card for my swing tags also....and was so disappointed when I realised it didn't go through my printer :-(

I'm using the ecocern paper - but its not thick enough so am considering a stamp and card.

I received my Heidi and Seek top today thanks. I was so impressed with your packaging. I love that there was nothing to throw out. I cut the mail bag so that it can be reused; saved the string; put the business card and flyer aside to give to friends; and put the pattern paper and swing tag in the compost. I love how much thought you have put into the packaging. It felt like my birthday opening it. I esp liked that you used old patern paper as tissue paper. I searched for ages for a tissue paper made from recycled paper without luck. I didn't even think of pattern paper. Brilliant!.

...and of course the top was unreal also! (LOL - I'm just obsessed with packaging after sorting out mine recently). It fits perfectly and is so warm and comfy. May even post a pic on my blog so you can see it in action ;-)

Carolyn said...


Got my top and badge early this morning, worn and wrote feedback already! Very very pleased.

You naughty gal, why didn't you tell me =p - where did you get that white 100% PCW card you make your business cards outta? The one i got in the mail. It's not from a green printing company is it? Coz i want some too...

Yeah I have the Ecocern cardboard too and it is a shame that it doesn't fit through most home printers. I went to a local printer and they said it was too thick as well.

Heidi and Seek said...

kallopi - Yes, I have a feeling I'll get the punching bug and want more.

Anne - I went out shopping for them with your comment in mind and I adore the pattern weight because of how heavy and simple it is. I was raving about it to Tim when I got home and I got a blank stare and a 'what's that'.

My gran taught me to hand-sew, but she was a home-sewer and made me dresses as a kid. I don't remember her having much sewing stuff, apart from her machine.

I am excited tooo.

Tricia - I was considering a stamp, too, but then I realised I'd need a few to put the info I want on it. And my hand isn't that steady.

I'm thinking of using paper, putting that through the printer and then sticking it to the card. That's a bit time-intensive, though. I'm still thinking!

I'm really glad you liked the package! I think it's really important for people buying handmade things online that they feel like they're opening something special.

I'm not sure I can take the credit for using pattern paper as wrapping, I'm pretty sure I saw the idea online first.

Would love to see a pic of you in the jumper! And your packaging, that sort of thing really interests me, too.

Carolyn - Yay, I'm glad you like them! Thank you for the lovely feedback.

I got my business cards printed professionally by the guys at They had a sale around Christmas for 500 cards for $100.

Their service and everything is really great, and I like supporting an environmentally responsible company. I signed up to their newsletter so they send me sales and things.

Ooh I just checked their site and they're having a sale on cards, 500 for $132. Pretty affordable for ethical cards!

Carolyn said...

Oo..thanks for the tip!