Tuesday, July 14, 2009

organisation & clearance sale

I just reduced the price of a bunch of stuff in my Etsy shop, check it out here. I'm feeling a change is in order (yes yes, I know I always say that).

The trouble with working from home is that if your house is cluttered or untidy, or if there's dishes that need doing in the sink, those unfinished businesses can distract you from work. Until we can afford a bigger place, my studio takes over half our living room. I think that makes the whole 'separating work from home' thing more difficult.

I'm the kind of person that will let those things get to me, because I was brought up in an unrealistically tidy and clean home (kudos to mum for keeping it that way). With everything else that's on my plate, I find it really difficult to keep organised. Dishes and washing and papers pile up, and I often find it difficult to prioritise.

I came across this article that talks about how pysical clutter can clutter up your mind and I really related to it. I sometimes put jobs off because they seem too large and I don't know where to start. And I'm sure that has something to do with my organisation.

So. I wanted to have a week set aside for just organising everything. Mostly Heidi & Seek related things, but the home-life things that affect my productivity, too. I'm seem to always be working on the next job, concentrating on making and listing and everything that comes with them, that I put off everything else and get kind of burnt out.

I want to find a second-hand filing cabinet to organise my papers, get rid of fabric I know I'm never going to use, find an easier way to manage my finances, clean out my wardrobe, and mostly, work out my storage so that everything has a home, and things I use regularly are easy to find. And this might be too much to ask for a week's work, but I want things to be pretty. I've been eyeing off Etsy home decor finds over the past few weeks. Like these:

I'm going to try to make do before buying anything, though. The plan is that after that week I can return to my regular work refreshed and best able to be productive. I think my schedule right now won't allow me to block out a complete week, but maybe I can do a day here and a day there..


emily said...

Hmm..I'm in such situation too right now...at least your blog reminds me have to do something with the 'piling up' things as well...

janet said...

But isn't it great that you might not have a full week to devote to this...means you are busy selling. That's why we do what we do ...right? Good luck and I'm happy your etsy feature was so productive ;-)

Heidi and Seek said...

Glad to be of service, Emily!
By the way I just checked out your shop and I really adore your work. Very tempted to buy one piece in particular, but I'll wait to see if I'm still thinking about it in a couple weeks, just to make sure I really really really want it. Gorgeous!

Heidi and Seek said...

Janet - Yes, definitely! I do appreciate all the business I've had. I guess I'm always trying to look ahead a step further to improve things even more.

emily said...

Thanks for your compliment Hayley :)I'm thrilled when I saw the two familiar necklaces picked by you. The one with two fishes has been reserved by someone. I just couldn't get myself off from reading your blog these few days, it kind of enlighten me...I'm happy that I found you through Etsy :)Thanks!

Clare said...

I completely sympathise with this. I can never be bothered to do anything if my house is a mess. When it's tidy though I feel like my mind is clearer too!
The only problem is finding the energy for a big clean-out so kudos to you for doing that. Any fabric you're going to throw out send my way and I'll make a pair of knickers from it in return!

Heidi and Seek said...

Emily - My pleasure! Really glad you like my blog.

Clare - I really like organising, I'm odd that way. I get really motivated about it and think that it's going to solve all my problems. Then it doesn't, obviously.

I'm pretty all-inclusive with the fabrics I keep to use, so the ones I'm getting rid of really are god-awful. They're either scratchy or just plain hideous. Wouldn't want to get your hopes up by sending them to you! Hopefully an op-shopper will find a use for them after I donate.

SoHo Accessories said...

You feel like the world is off your shoulders when you organize and throw out all the stuff! Kudos to you!
Love your Etsy site.

Hudster said...

Was wondering if you're aware of 'From Somewhere'?