Saturday, July 11, 2009

etsy featured seller & recycled hangtags

I'm the featured seller over at Etsy right now, how excitement! Click the link to read the interview. What a crazy press week or two, with Frankie magazine, the Handmade in Melbourne book and now this.

Anyway, yesterday I planned to sew up a bunch more stuff to list before the Etsy feature went up, but since I'd gone to bed at 1am the two nights before, I was completely buggered and couldn't bring myself to crank up the sewing machine. Since I'm up about 7am every morning, late nights don't work for me too well.

So instead I spent the day fretting about not being organised enough, arranging to rent a space at Incube8r (scored, starting in August, woo!) and designing my new hangtags while watching How I Met Your Mother online. I'm not completely sure on the final hangtag design yet, but I've come up with this to start.

They're waiting for a coloured stamp (I have these cute faux button ones from or machine stitching or some other kind of adornment, I'm not sure yet. I'd like to incorporate fabric, but I'm not sure how. I like their simplicity and handmade-ness and that they're completely recycled.

I made them by punching large circles of Ecocern reycled card with my big circle punch, printing the text on the blank side of used copy paper, cutting that into strips, then putting them through the circle punch. Then I glued the pieces together.

I'm planning on using the same process on the back for a chunk of text I wrote to inspire people about ethical buying.

Even though these are taking me a while to make, I think it's worth it for the impression that people get of my work when they see them. That they're obviously different to mass-produced ones, and that I take care to make things. And due to the process, each one is a bit differently placed. I'm starting to realise the value of the small touches that distinguish handmade sellers from large companies.

One more thing! I was tagged by Renee Anne from art4friends to post what I'm wearing today. It's this, plus skinny jeans.

I stole the cardi from my Etsy shop because it's really warm and simple and cute and has handy huge pockets. This has been my uniform for the past week or so, because it's way too cold here in Melbourne to be trying anything creative - I just put on a bunch of layers, chuck this cardi on top and rotate my scarves. Here's a better pic of it.

It might have sold if the pictures were better, not so yellowish. (I'm keeping it, though. :P) Can anyone fill me in on why that happens and how to prevent it?


Sarah said...

Wow, I can't believe how far you've come with heidi&seek. Great news!
You need to try and scan in that frankie article because I'm dying to see it :)

jb said...

the yellow is a colour cast - you can correct it if your camera allows you to alter your white balance. Any questions just email me (if there is one thing I know - its photos!).

janet said...

very happy for you Hayley..I admire your 'Green' dedication. I say we pick jb's brain about the photo thing ;-)

Emy Augustus said...

I just saw that and was like, omg i know her. haha
I love the cardigan with the modern pink collar.

Megan said...

Oh my! Featured seller? That is a BIG deal! Congrats!

Jesses Mess said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Well done on Etsy, and you most definitely deserve the promotion of you beautiful clothes and work.

Carolyn said...

Congratulations on the Etsy feature!

Good buy with the circle punch too. I guess it er....packs a punch LOL...I tried my Fiskars squeeze circle punch on the Ecocern card and it broke. =(

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Congratulations on all of them - you deserve it for being such a talented unique designer!

Heidi and Seek said...

Sarah - Thanks! Scanning the Frankie article is on my to-do list! Gotta find someone with a scanner.

Jess - Thanks, I'll shoot you an email.

Janet - Haha, yes I'm on it! Thanks for your lovely words.

Emy - Haha, thanks!

Megan - I know, crazy right? Thank you!

Jesses Mess - Thanks, that's really kind of you!

Carolyn - Thanks! Yeah, I looked up a few reviews before I bought mine. Wasn't too impressed with the ones available locally. Check out the Marvy Uchida range! Highly recommended!

Lou - Thank you lovely!

Kerry said...

Congratulations on the etsy feature and the handmade melbourne feature! You are so lucky!! Well done :)

Good luck with incube8r as well.

Kat said...

LOVE your tags! I have been searching for a more ethical and eco-responsible way to make tags for my items.

Great idea to have messaged text on the tags and I agree with you - handmade artisans need to distinguish themselves from the masses.

Sometimes the love IS in the labor of the process! Great job with your Etsy shop, and thanks for blogging!