Tuesday, July 21, 2009

studio sorted

I was featured on Indie Art and Design (www.indie.com.au) today! Check out the post here. Big thanks to Carolyn.

I have finished organising my studio and it's inspiring me to go make things already. Too bad the rest of the house is still a mess. But, one thing at a time. The best thing is that I didn't buy anything. With everything sorted I can see what I really could use, so now I can keep an eye out for second-hand pieces I need.

I picked up another two sets of these awesome vintage filing drawers from Tim's mum, which were hanging out unused in her attic.

These two stacks don't really work for me. I'd much rather have another set of wire drawers instead of the big tub, and a narrow dresser with lots of drawers to replace the right side. Drawers are so much easier to access, plus I can organise the contents so that when I pull the drawer out I can see everything at a glance. Really helps with matching colours and patterns.

The little green box is actually a tissue box I repurposed to file my garment patterns, which I make from interfacing. Yes I know I'm supposed to make them from card, but I like that they can all fit in this box - which I might cover with something pretty. All that's there is a basic t-shirt pattern, with long and short sleeves in a range of sizes, plus patterns for my yoki tees, which I haven't made recently because they're time-intensive. I adapt the basic patterns each time I make something, or work on it as I go along.

As I was sorting my fabric and clothing, I came across this darling little cardigan I bought from Thailand, which I love but looks terrible on me, and I hadn't the heart to part with it. I decided to 'frame' my inspiration poster with it. Now I can enjoy it without needing to wear it.

I picked up that vintage book, 'The Awful Dressmaker's Book' from a little second-hand bookstore off Gertrude Street, as well as a sewing shortcuts book and a sew your own wedding book. The mannequin I got from Camberwell market and painted. Not sure I'm feeling the black now, but I suppose it could be worse!

The black pot is for an indoor plant that we never used for its purpose. I lined the inside with a few layers of scrap fabric, so my tools don't get damaged. The ceramic 'sew' tags are from mudcakes on Etsy - they were my first Etsy purchase I think, way back in 2006. I tied them up with black ribbon and hung them on the pot. The tree print is from littlestflower on Etsy, and the stones are from Ikea forever ago. The little figurine is a tiny carved wooden bird, which I claimed from my dad's things.

Huge wire basket for shipping supplies. Next to it is a gorgeous vintage sewing machine I picked up at a garage sale on the weekend for $5!

So I didn't really need another sewing machine, but it might come in handy and it makes me giddy just thinking about the fact that it's mine. Waiting until I get a bigger studio so I can put it on display when not in use.

Right. I'm off to make things.


janet said...

thanks for sharing, I love seeing where other artist create ;-) Kudos to you for wanting to make clothes for real women and not stick figures

jarsika said...

Love your posts! I just finished organizing my little craft space and it feels SOOO good!

R. said...

Holy bargain, Batman! I'd've buy that gorgeous sewing machine too, and I don't even sew. Your studio looks lovely :)

I love the cardi frame idea too. How is the print attached to the hanger, though?


Penny said...

Loving the blue sewing machine... *jealous* :D

Bec Lewis said...

It's so nice to sort out studio space and be able to see what you've got around. Mine always ends up a disaster area again in about three days as I with all the bits i've uncovered. That's the fun bit though.

Isis said...

coolest sewing machine i've ever seen, so envious!


Hi there! nice blog)

Heidi and Seek said...

Janet - Finished my size 16 pattern yesterday and looking forward to making a bigger range of sizes.

Jarsika - Thank you! It does feel awesome; at least when I don't turn around to see the messiness on the other side of the room. But I do feel more ready to create, without feeling bogged down by disorganisation, which is good!

R. - Thanks! I just used clear bulldog type clips to hang the poster. The hanger is cardboard thickness though, it wouldn't work on a regular hanger I don't think.

Penny - Hehe!

Bec - Yeah. I think when the mess becomes not fun anymore, that's the time to do something about it.

Isis - I know, such a one in a million find!

Sexy - Thanks!

Deidre said...

Wow-- A clean work space does make all the difference! good on ya!

I just came upon your website and am a little smitten with your clothes! My goodness - cute AND ecofriendly, two of my favourite things!

Charlotte Drene said...

I love that cardigan-frame.
Good thinking!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Your inspiration poster is a Frankie print! Girl after my own heart <3

Owl and the Grapes said...

Oh what a beautiful sewing machine. My, I'm very jealous indeed.

lauragray said...

I love your post! it's so nice to sort out your studio and able to see what you've got around.