Sunday, July 19, 2009

more to-do than done

My to-do list:
  • Make more 'buy ethical' badges
  • Finish sorting fabric & store it, so it's not taking up half the living room floor.
  • Organise my offcuts into boxes/drawers/shelves - sleeves, applique pieces, cuffs, necklines, etc.
  • Figure out if my studio furniture is working and if it's the best use of the available space. If not, replace/alter/move it around.
  • Finalise new hangtag design & finish making the batch.
  • Clear my desk & find a home for everything
  • Organise papers into filing cabinet, to be picked up soon (thanks Jess!)
  • Find a home for all blank paper and notebooks and things.
  • Donate the next 5 shopping bags of clothing & fabric.
  • Take a pile of stuff I can't donate to my local recycling centre.
I'm recovering from the flu, but I can't quite relax. I've been organising myself - writing down plans when I can't fully execute them. I have a bit of a one-track mind sometimes. Until most of this is done I won't be able to focus on making.

I've been reading a book called Sorted! The Ultimate Guide to Organising Your Life, and I'm finding it's helpful. I like that it's recent and relevant and Australian. So far, one idea from it that I've found useful is that I need to slow down and devote time to being organised regularly, instead of saying I'm too busy. I'm too busy not to be organised. Another idea is to work out how many of something I actually need (like t-shirts for example) and keep at that number. Meaning if I get a new one, one has to go.

I'm finding it pretty easy to let go of things, and make decisions about what I keep and throw. I think that my 'buy less' ethic has helped that. Yes, I like getting new things, but only if I feel they'll add value to my life and if I adore them, hopefully for a long time. I know that I if I don't love or need something, it doesn't matter to me. If it's just stuff, it can go. I can hardly remember the things in the 16 shopping bags that went earlier this week.

I'm having to resist buying more storage boxes and furniture. I think there's often this urge to get all this new stuff to organise yourself, when that just may add to the clutter you're trying to get rid of. I'm going to wait until I've gotten rid of the excess, then see what's left behind and what the best way to store it is. It's taking a lot of willpower to get this finished, but I'm excited about the result. Change is good.

Half my studio, a month ago

The 'after' picture will come later.

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jb said...

your on a roll!!! want to come clean my garage????