Monday, October 27, 2008

Blood, sweat and t-shirts

'Fashion without victim' is the tagline to UK online fashion magazine Thread. It's full of tips for ethical shopping, a handy glossary of terms, plus current stylish ethical fashion. There was an interview with a vegetarian designer called Isobel Davies of Izzy Lane. Her timeless garments are made with wool from her own sheep which she has saved from ending up on somebody's dinner plate. Check out an interview with her here.

Another particularly great thing I found was a BBC series called Blood, Sweat and T-shirts. It follows six young people from Britain on their journey to India, to live the lives of garment factory workers for a little while. Unfortunately, it hasn't aired here in Australia (hopefully it will in future) so I haven't seen it. I have viewed the snippets on the BBC site though.

You can view clips about each of the six here.

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Plan B said...

Thanks for this video. I'm going to have a look! I m interested in it!