Friday, October 17, 2008

Does this mean I'm a 'real' designer now?

Aw, my front page cherry was popped. The lovely Jessie of westbyron alerted me that my custom green stripe tee was on the front page of Etsy, woot! Check it out.

Today I was interviewed (in person!) by a journalism student from RMIT. I've been interviewed by email before over at I'm Not Antisocial, Just Short Sighted, but in person is a whole different kettle of fish (what is with that phrase, anyway?). She asked some insightful questions and I'm looking forward to seeing the final piece (and perhaps posting it here if she gives me permission). It was my first face-to-face interview so I asked for the questions in advance, and spent most of the morning thinking about my answers. Otherwise my fingernails probably would have been bitten down the cuticle with nerves. I like to be prepared.

One thing she asked me to talk about was what the fashion industry is like. Since I work from home and largely sell online, I have very little contact with other people in the fashion biz. In other words, I pretty much have no idea. I do, however, feel that I'm very much a part of the handmade world. There's such a sense of community. It is supportive, welcoming and friendly. Pretty much the opposite of how I perceive the fashion industry to be, so I'm happy to align myself this way.

In other news, I recently listed these two new dresses on Etsy.

I actually have blogrolls now, with the latest post and title, rather than the list of links I used to have. There's one for fashion and one for makers. Check them out and spread some blog lovin'. (Note: No that wasn't a reference to this site.) If you'd like me to add you, just let me know.


Sarah said...

Whoo, congrats on the interview! Your stuff is very cute and looks very well made as well. I'm learning to sew at the moment so perhaps one day I'll be able to put together my own creations like you ;)

Hayley Lau said...

I'm looking forward to seeing them, Sarah. I'm sure they will kick butt.

Kat said...

Hey thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I am totally addicted to those boots at the moment. but its starting to get too hot to wear them on the gold coast. I love that first dress from this post. Its gorgeous!