Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wearing the colour red

I used to be afraid of wearing red. I thought it wasn't versatile enough and that I could only wear it with black. And I thought red and black was boring and didn't want to wear them together, so I just didn't do red. I also thought that it's a risky colour because it's easy to overdo and it gets attention.

I have a few red items of clothing now, which I wear regularly. I still think it's one of the hardest colours to style and so I do a little inner jump for joy when I think I've gotten it right. Yesterday I wore red and black anyway (my rules never really rule), but put it with some brown and cream, too. This was my first time wearing shorts with tights. I must say, it felt good.

Black tee - Cotton On
Cream tank - Portmans
Vest - Sunny Girl
Shorts - Buss
Tights - Columbine
Boots - Josef Siebel

Excuse the blur of the first shot. I meddled with the settings on my camera and it is not impressed with me. Every full body shot I take ends up blurry and noisy. I'll get the expert to look at it later.

I just realised that the Sunny Girl label on the vest was sewn on upside down. Weird. And sad. That sweatshop worker must have been tired. This is the last new and cheap item of clothing that I'll have. Mother dearest bought it for me early this year, before I had sworn to her that I wasn't buying new and cheap clothing for myself ever again and didn't want any from her either. I've kept my promise. And it hasn't been much of a struggle.


Sarah said...

Mmm I try to stay away from red and black - it reminds me too much of that "emo" fashion and since I have dark features I tend to look very vampire-ish.

Kara said...

I love the idea of mixing things up... though when you are size 16 (and pregnant) layering can look a little strange and not 'on purpose'/more mad bag lady!!!

Hayley Lau said...

Sarah I think there are ways you can approach the colour without looking emo.. maybe in small amounts or with unique designs.

Kara, I think there are size 10s who could look 'mad bag lady' (haha) too if they didn't did have any eye for design, and I know you do. I don't think size should restrict you from experimenting, you might even find something works that you didn't think would. Unfortunately I don't know a lot about styling for larger ladies, but I have seen plenty of them rockin' their clothing.

But when I was pregnant, fashion was about #20 on my priority list, so I get what that's like too. It was really annoying having to shop for clothes that I would only wear for 8 or 9 months (and I thought I looked terrible in everything), so I didn't want to spend much money or time.

Maybe you'll feel more up to mixing it up when you've had your lovely baby.

Bash said...

i love shorts with tights! when i'm not in jeans, i'm in tights or leggings. hallelujah for tights. i also love your outfit with the red, very cute. i have practically the same items in different colours, so cheers for the ideas!