Monday, October 6, 2008

New bag?

I know I haven't listed anything new on Etsy for a couple weeks, but it's not because I haven't been creating. The weather has been working against me, I tell you. When I've had time to take product photos it's been freezing or stormy outside. But the weather forecast looks good for the end of the week, so I'll have some shiny new things up after then. I would love to set up somewhere inside where I could do product shots but we hardly have a spare wall, space is that tight. And the lighting isn't so great. I'll see if I can come up with something.

In the meantime, this is one of the first tops I ever made from scratch, four or five years ago. I gave it to a friend for her birthday. The bow is removable.

In other news, I had a discussion with Tim yesterday about my desire for a new handbag. My current one makes me angry. I bought it expensively new, and after 9 months of daily wear the thing is falling apart. The long strap (the main feature I look for in a bag) has fallen off, so I'm stuck with the short handles. Plus, the lining is amassing holes as we speak, losing my oddments within it forever. Forever! I'm not entirely sure what's in there, but I do know that the bag should not be as heavy as it is, given that there are only a few items in the main pocket.

Tim wants me to repair it and continue to use it in my fight against global warming! In true girl style, I said "No, I want a new one." 'New' for me usually means second-hand, though I have checked out some new handbags. Nothing has appealed yet.

This whole issue got me thinking. What's the real global warming cost of buying second-hand? Is it okay if I buy new things only every-once-in-a-while? Am I doomed to never ever buy new non-essentials because of my interest in ethics? And how much emotional value can objects really carry?

I feel I am justified in getting myself another bag because:
  • My non-essential purchases are extremely few and far between. My last one was my Steve Madden boots, which was about 4 months ago (and they, at least, WILL last me years), and before that was this crap bag.
  • How am I meant to be happy to wear something that actually makes me angry? Fashion should make you feel good, and if it doesn't you're doing it wrong.
  • My impulse buying days are long gone, and whatever I end up choosing, I will have thought good and hard about it.
There's only been one bag that I've liked enough to consider getting, but it was from Etsy and has since disappeared. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open! I'm looking for something with a cross-body strap, is about A4 size or a bit smaller that is roomy. And pretty and unique. And preferably made of fabric! Leather is heavy and makes me feel guilty for the animals, and I'm not a faux leather fan. Thank you, lovelies!


Sarah said...

i say go ahead and treat yourself to a new bag if you want to. i buy a mix of new and vintage clothing and i believe it's all about finding a good balance. cute top by the way, have you heard of prelapsarinme? your stuff kind of reminds me of hers. i wish i could sew!

Hayley Lau said...

I hadn't heard of her but I just looked her up and found her livejournal. Really cute, so I'll take that as a compliment. :P

I thought sewing would be much harder than it actually is. I started out doing simple alterations and then after a while thought, hey I could do this from scratch. Try it if you've got some time, you might be surprised. Plus with your eye for fashion I'm sure you'd make gorgeous pieces.

Anna Laura said...

I got a bag once from ClearArt on Brunswick Street about 5 years ago and it started to fall apart in days. I was so angry. It was really cheap as it was a second, but it made me quite pissed that it was so poorly made.

I think you will find something good on Etsy or Madeit. Mattt Bags are also really nice.

Hayley Lau said...

Yeah, what do they think is going to happen with bags, that they're just going to sit around the house and look pretty? The ones that fall apart can't be good for their brand.

I'll check out the Mattt bags, thanks Anna.

Maitreya said...

That shirt is super cute. Love the dotty/stripey fabric.