Wednesday, September 16, 2009

powering through

I am sitting here in the midst of reorganising my studio once again, to make room for the industrial overlocker I bought. My old domestic one broke. My new Bernina Activa has been having issues as well for the past month or so. I took it to the local repairs place and was told there was nothing wrong with it, but there obviously was.

So I trekked out to Nick Ciancio Sewing Machines in Footscray after a recommendation and a phone call that assured me they knew what they were doing. They fixed the Bernina on the spot - there was a piece of thread stuck around the take up lever - and I put in my overlocker for repair.

They had one old industrial overlocker for sale that they'd fixed up and I bought it, sick of dealing with domestic machine issues and feeling that I'm ready for that next step. Nick patiently showed me how to thread it, gave me a go, and explained the differencial feed to me (which I'd never really understood until then). Both Nick and his son were very helpful and competent. I also appreciate that they're a small family business and that they specialise in restoring old machines that other dealers won't touch.

It's being delivered today.

This is just one of the issues that have been stopping me from getting Heidi & Seek moving as quickly as possible. There always seems to be something cropping up and getting in the way, and instead of powering through and keeping to schedule, I get frustrated at all the things that aren't going as planned, and that makes me more distracted. I feel like I know where I need to be but it just seems so far away. I've considered quitting once or twice, but I truly don't think that would work. This is my only option because it's the only one I want.

So here I go, trying to move past the distractions and finish making my patterns so I can get moving.


Ali-bell said...

ooh, I'm jealous! I love industrial overlockers, they're so speedy and quiet. I don't have one because I live in a tiny apartment (and we have free access to them at uni) but I think having one would make SO much difference! good purchasing!

Antoinette said...

It's really tough to have your equipment act up when you rely on it so heavily! Yes, how wonderful to buy from an independently owned shop with experts. Exciting! Hope it works out perfectly for you.

JulieG said...

This is my only option because it's the only one I want.

This went right to my heart. I know exactly what you mean.

Remember, the breakthrough usually happens shortly after the point where you're so frustrated you could scream! It's called Tabourot's Law, I read about it on my friend's writing blog :)

Heidi and Seek said...

Ali - Yes, I'm amazed at how quiet they are for how loud they look. I've got it now and I adore it.

Antoinette - Thank you for your lovely words. I'm constantly having good experiences at independent stores, so I often seek them out.

JulieG - I really like the Tabourot's Law theory, it's very inspiring! I feel like there's a point to this after all and that I'm on the verge of something. Thank you.

Catherine said...

oo yay! i've had an industrial overlocker for about 3 years (brother high speed 3 thread) and just purchased an industrial plain sewer last night! can't wait to pick it up :) next step is the Industrial Coverseamer