Thursday, September 17, 2009

what do you like about heidi & seek?

I have been thinking more and more about concentrating on a few popular styles. I'd make them each up in different fabrics so they would still be one-of-a-kind, and I'd make sure to have at least a full size range in each style.

That way, customers wouldn't have to miss out so much on things that aren't in their size or that have sold. It would bring me more design focus and direction. I came across the concept of 'choice paralysis' today, where when we have too many choices it can lead to us avoiding making one, or any. Maybe that's partly the rut I've been feeling recently.

Anyway, I have gone back and looked at some of my favourite past styles. I'm starting with what I know best - tops.

I'd want to make this one a top rather than a jumper:

See, I have too many choices. Again. Although one design that is a must-have in my new set of styles is the Yoki tee, in one of its variations:

I was wondering, lovely reader, what your thoughts on the matter are? Is there a previous shirt design of mine that you'd like to see again?


Anonymous said...

I love the t-shirts the most. I also like the little frilly bits on the long sleeved tops.

That's probably not very helpful, but the t-shirts and the long sleeved tops are my favourites.


JulieG said...

5, 7, 8 and the last one are my favourites. I've always liked your half-length sleeves, they're good transitional season wear but I never see much like them in the shops.

NeverEverEmma said...

I really like the ones with the bows on - the teal and and the cream. I also like your new style, I like the diagonal panels.

Meg said...

I like 1,5,8 and 11 the best, as they are of a simple enough design to be worn for most purposes but still really interesting. The vast majority of times I have wanted to buy something I like, it is the wrong size or was sold a long time ago. I'm not sure what others think, but a smaller set basic patterns (with the occasional "new" piece) might be a good option.

Heidi and Seek said...

Dannielle - That is helpful. I think I'm going to stick with tops for the forseeable future. It's sometimes hard to wrangle my idea-seeking head, but it's a good move.

JulieG - Thanks for the feedback. A couple others have mentioned the same about the sleeve length, so I'll definitely incorporate that in.

Emma - Thanks, I appreciate the opinion!

Meg - I think that's what I'm going to aim for - make a little range to start with, available in lots of colour options and sizes, and then add a new design every so often.

Sometimes I'm too fussy with adding all the extra and unique details that I forget that the simple pieces shouldn't be left out, and often they're the nicest anyway.

Thank you guys! said...

This one is my fave, and the one I get the most comments about! xxx

Sarah Von said...

Oh my! That purple top with the zig-zaggy strap? Awesome!

Anonymous said...

My favs are 5, 8, 9 and the last one. I'd consider buying any of those if I liked the colours/fabric.

I think going with consistent styles is a good idea - cause if I find a top that fits well I almost always buy a second :-)

I'm a nit late with the comments sorry - but I guess better late than never.


Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

I don't know much about your previous styles, sorry, but I really like the ruffle idea along the neckline of pink top.

Heidi and Seek said...

Thanks for your opinions, guys!