Friday, September 11, 2009

woods and fields ethical fashion & link love

Melbournians, you can now find my work at Woods and Fields Ethical Fashion, a newish shop in Syndey Road, Brunswick. The owner, Elysia, is lovely. She's studying textiles because she wanted sustainable fabrics but couldn't find them - what better idea than to learn how to make them yourself.

I've had some lovely people say lovely things about my blog and label recently so I thought I'd share:

Treehugger put me at #1 for Green Fashion: 7 Australian Designers You Need to Know.

Evolved Fashion awarded me an 'Evolved Blogger' award. There's 50 quality blogs listed here with a sustainable fashion focus, so I'm going to enjoy checking out the ones I haven't heard of.

And the lovely Clare from Pretty Green gave me this blog award, thank you!

I'm among some kick-butt company at all three links so I'm really very flattered.

I need to to list ten random things about myself for Clare's award so here goes!
  1. A couple of weeks ago we bought a perfect second-hand car, a 2001 Hyundai Elantra in immaculate condition, with great service history and at a heavily reduced price. Today it got towed because Tim caused a little car accident. (No one got hurt.) We only have third party insurance.

  2. Last Sunday for Father's Day, Ellie and I made this notebook for Tim - Ellie did the sticking and drawing, and I glued and finished it. I secretly wish that I'd made it for myself. Except for the Mod Podge and masking tape, it's made from completely recycled materials.

  3. As per my budgeting plan, I've been successfully living off $50 a week for the past two weeks. That includes groceries, food and etceteras that aren't bills. It doesn't include op shop purchases or petrol though.

  4. I bought a perfect blank Collins 2009 diary from an op shop the other day, which I'm going to use for 2010 and just manually (and creatively) alter all the dates. Tim thinks I'm weird.

  5. I'm constantly late. I think I'm still stuck in babyless mode, where I could just throw a bag over my shoulder and walk out the door. Now I have to change a nappy, make sure Ellie's bag is packed, get some snacks and a drink to take, clean her hands and face, and deal with the dawdling that happens when you're 2 and no place to be is urgent.

  6. I just discovered social bookmarking. Well, I'm not as interested in the social part as I am in being able to organise my bookmarks and use nifty features like sticky notes and highlighting on the bookmarked pages. I signed up to Diigo, added the toolbar and I'm surprised how often I'm using it. You can also bookmark sites as 'unread' so you can come back to them later.

  7. I kind of envy makers who can stay up making until late in the evening. I mean, I usually stay up late, but by about 6pm I feel like I've used up all my making energy. I can work late on the computer or something, but not the sewing machine. Weird.

  8. The last movie I watched was Adventureland, which I was drawn to because it has Kristen Stewart from Twilight in it and I'm kind of attached to Twilight, despite not wanting to be and acknowledging how ridiculous it is. (I drew the line at the end of book one, but I will be watching all the movies.) By the way, Adventureland is good stuff.

  9. I've had a bias tape maker for years, but have yet to use it.

  10. Every time I go for a walk I look at each house and think about what it would be like to own it. We are renting and I have major homeowner envy. It doesn't help that many of the houses in our area are gorgeous and/or huge.
I'm passing on the award to:

Tricia from Little Eco Footprints
Adele from modernemotive
Nikki from Nikki-Shell
Gina from clutterpunk
Yana from Supayana
Sarah from forevayoung vintage
Jen from Rejenerating Fashion
Flossy from Flossy-P
Emma from Owl and the Grapes
Ali J from Aussie Patches


Clare said...

Ooo it's so interesting to find out a little bit more about people.

I hope your car worries get sorted soon.

Sarah said...

Oooo I was just speaking to a friend tonight about Sarah Conner Chronicles, she'd only seen the first season as well and I've been encouraging her to view the second one. IT'S FANTASTIC! Am so bummed it's all over now, I hate it when smart shows get bumped off for stupid sitcoms. Fox sucks.

Thanks for the blog award! I'll get round to posting it in my next update. Oh and I completely sympathize with Twatlight - it's like a car crash.

Gina said...

Thanks for tagging me. Loved reading through your 10 things... always interesting.
Look forward to popping into woods and fields sometime soon, too! Right in my neighbourhood.

Bummer about the car accident; well done on the budgeting; and I hear you on the house-envy - even though we own our own flat here and I'm striving to be content with what we have and live modestly, I keep drooling over the idea of a bigger place. Particularly one with craft space and kids' bedrooms FAR AWAY from mine!

nikkishell said...

Thanks for passing on the award :)
Sorry to hear about the car.

Anonymous said...

Love the notebook! Sorry to hear about the car, but glad nobody was hurt.

$50 a week! I'm very impressed. Some days I feel like I couldn't live off $50 a day.

I like your 2009 diary idea - I think I might copy :-)

Thanks for the award.


P.S I'm loving the warm weather - but am sad its too hot to wear my Heidi & Seek top. Looking forward to the new Large listings :-)

Heidi and Seek said...

Clare - Thank you!!

Sarah - Yeah, it really sucks when they cut off good shows. Like Veronica Mars! If you haven't seen that I highly recommend.

Gina - I hope you like the shop! I think it's darling. I'm dreaming about moving way away from the city where housing is cheaper and there's more space. But it would be massively inconvenient.

Nikki - My pleasure.

Tricia - It's just the way that as soon as I made this blog post, I blew my budget. I think I spent 60 something, and that was while doing without some things. Oh well!

Feel free to copy the diary idea! I figure nobody else will use it fully, so it'd just end up as rubbish.