Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm dreaming of a green Christmas

I can't remember the last time I was really into Christmas. I think it's important for kids, and I want Ellie to have that Christmas spirit (simply because it's fun) but this year I haven't gotten into it at all. We haven't decorated the house, we don't have a tree. We're so incredibly busy and run-off-our-feet that all we've done for Christmas is the necessary organising of gifts. Next year I want to get into it. We'll have a tree, maybe this one, for decorating:

The great thing about this is that it's made from recycled paper, plus each sale contributes to a reforestation program. We should be planting trees, not cutting them down for decoration and then throwing them away.

The mass consumerism of the holiday makes me uneasy. I haven't avoided the shopping centres altogether, for the sake of convenience. A lot of our gifts came from the Oxfam store. But being in the centres, having marketing material shoved in our face and looking at everyone running around and buying up big, just screams 'waste' to me.

I think about the gifts that are bought just for the sake of having a gift to give, when the recipient probably won't love it. I've done it before, even this year, because it's hard sometimes when you haven't the foggiest clue what to get. You can't not give a gift. Although, I am doing better than last year. I made a few gifts. We got thrifty. I got a couple of World Vision Smiles donations to give. But others are just things for the sake of the occasion. Not extravagant things, but things nonetheless.

Next year I'll try to be a bit more prepared. Next year we'll get crafty and thrifty with decorations. We'll start our own traditions. We'll try to avoid the shopping centre rush. Next year the lead-up to Christmas will be a lot more fun.

We're doing the family rounds on Christmas day. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and sharing presents. Happy holidays, everyone.

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Diana said...

sounds great to me Heidi!

likewise, though i have lots of fair trade stuff in stock at the moment so between that and the hemp products, we are pretty covered. i take your point though and I agree!

Good on you for leading the way out!