Friday, December 26, 2008

Long post: today's outfit, shopping and new listings

I hope everyone had a fantabulous Christmas! We had a fun time. Although there was a gaping hole where my dad should have been..

Okay this picture of Ellie was actually from the weekend, but she was just as delightful yesterday, which may or may not have anything to do with the oodles of presents she recieved (this bouncer was not one of them, but she does find it far more fascinating than she did when she was little enough to use it).

This is what I wore today:

Dress: Review
Boots: Josef Siebel
Bag: Somewhere in Thailand

I pledge to do more outfit posts. I keep intending to take outfit pictures but either I forget the camera, it's out of batteries or I plan to do it 'later' and by the time I remember it's too dark for a decent photo. Poo.

Today was my brother's 25th birthday. I went to Chadstone shopping centre to get his present this morning before his birthday lunch (yes, I left it stupidly late. But I did know what I was getting him). In Australia, Boxing Day (the day after Christmas), is pretty well-known for its sales. Stores open at 7am and people arrive in droves to get their hands on a bargain. After driving around the carpark for 20 minutes I thought it was a completely dumb idea to shop that day, but then I tumbled into a parking spot completely by fluke. I thought my luck was getting a little better. It ended up being a good morning, depite it taking three times as long to get anywhere because of the crowds.

I got myself some significantly reduced tights and socks from Myer and a necklace. I avoid all clothes in shopping centres, except to browse for inspiration (which 99% of the time is a waste of time). However, I figure that tights and socks are machine-made and therefore don't require sweatshops, but I haven't done any research on it. If anyone knows, please hook me up. This is the necklace I got:

And I got this fedora from K-mart for $10, also significantly reduced.

I never seem to find hats that look good on me, but I quite like this one and I need one for summer. I never really wore hats before but now I want to set a good example for Ellie. The band around the hat is a little tacky looking, so I think I'll replace it or remove it altogether.

I also got lime green chairs from Target for our dining table. I've been looking for second-hand chairs for ages and gave up when I found these cute little numbers (for 30% off). I'm quite over eating on stools.

The gift I got my bro was a remote controlled helicopter. They are pretty damn cool.

In Heidi & Seek news, these are the new listings for tonight.


Penny said...

Remote control helicopter is so cool!

maisie #1 and #2 said...

ooh i love the necklace! do you possibly remember what brand it is by? xo

/maisie #1

heidi and seek said...

Penny he loved it!

Maisie, yes, it was from a shop called Ritual.