Saturday, December 6, 2008

Neco Melbourne

For the Melbourne readers, I have some exciting news.

Well, it says now open, but the opening is tomorrow. Neco is an amazing store that has pretty much every eco-friendly thing you could possibly want. We've shopped at their online store before (for nappies, I think), but it's a bit of a hassle waiting for everyday things to arrive and paying for shipping when sometimes the things are available in local shops. But now that they'll have a physical shop I won't need to worry about it.

And I'd much prefer to shop somewhere that's dedicated to to being green. Their range is far larger than the eco-friendly items you'd find elsewhere. They sell a huge range, including car offsets, homewares, office supplies, insulation and even Kara Smith's lovely handmade handbags.

We'll be making our way to the Neco superstore soon, especially since it's only a few minutes away from our home.

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