Monday, December 1, 2008

Pretty posters and a pretty dress

I found this awesome poster via the lovely Fiona who mentioned that she got one of their other alternative motivational posters. Titled 'Planet', this one is perfect if you need that extra reminder sometimes to think about whether what you're buying is earth-friendly, or necessary at all. And it's nice to look at, too. I have to say, these motivational posters are a lot more appealing than the traditional black bordered ones with pictures of landscapes on them. I don't usually need help remembering eco-friendliness, but I'd love to get this one for my studio:

For inspiring me back into action when I'm feeling particularly uninspired and lazy-like.

I spent today designing a new business card and making patterns for my new collections. Grading (making patterns into different sizes) can be such a pain. It's nice to have them nearly completed though. The patterns are basic so I can do lots of cool creative things with them. I haven't decided on all my final designs yet, but I have a good idea of several items.

I also had time to list one item in my Etsy shop this evening. It's cute cute cute. I wanted to keep it because it's comfy, too, but I have to discipline myself or I won't end up making much money from this Heidi & Seek shindig at all.

It fits a size small with a relaxed fit or a size medium with a snug fit. Yay for versatility!

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Tillis-abode said...

I really love that first poster and that dress is definately cute cute. :)