Friday, January 9, 2009

I think I'm in love

I don't know how I never heard about this blog/mag before now, but I'm glad I found it. It's called Ethical Style and they won me over with the text in their About page.

" is here to help you educate yourself about the issues and shop around to create a closet that matches your personalized fashion sense as well as your conscience.

There’s no universal prescription in creating an ethical wardrobe. For some fashionistas, finding organic and recycled textiles is paramount, while for others high-quality clothes that last are all-important. Some people are concerned about workers’ rights and fair trade, and other people seek out clothes made locally.

All of this is why fashion ethics can mean many different things to different people. As with personal style, a consumer’s conscience has to be individually tailored."

I think they said it better than I ever could. They portrayed my stance on the subject exactly. And managed to resist a rant on how big business has disconnected us from the origins of the products we buy so much that we support corruption without even knowing it. Yeah, they're way cooler than I am. Check out their blog, yo.

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