Friday, January 23, 2009

A jumble of topics

I'm trying to 'fix' my hair in this picture, because I wore a fedora all day and it ended up weirdly flat. I went to the Australian Open with my big bro. The tickets were my dad's. He used to go every year with a friend of his. Jason and I decided it would be our tradition from now on. He and I get along really well but don't see each other that much.

I used to play competition tennis and really enjoyed it. I'd love to start playing again but I don't think I have the committment. It was a good day out, apart from when we ventured into the outside courts and I ended up with a red, sunburnt chest. That'll make for attractive Heidi & Seek product pictures.

I really love this new dress I listed today. If it was my size I'd be very tempted to keep it.

I'm going to make more party dresses as I realised I don't have many.

The lovely Tricia of blog Little eco footprints wrote a little piece about Heidi & Seek recently, which you can see here. I love her blog because of how thought-provoking and informative it is. Tricia also makes cute bibs, wipes and, shortly, nappies from reclaimed materials. Her website is Flannel Fings if you'd like to have a looksee.

I did a Google search for Heidi & Seek the other day to see if there was any press I didn't know about, and what do you know, I found one. EcoSalon featured my label last week! I was quite chuffed, the write-up is original and lovely. They featured the Block Girl dress:

This dress has gotten a lot of attention. I've taken it down off my Etsy shop because it's now available at a shiny new stockist instead! The shop is called Lulu and is truly gorgeous. There are homewares, clothing and accessories, all quirky and lovely. I'm flattered that my designs are among such company. If you're a Melbournite, check it out at:
322a Carlisle St, Balaclava (cnr Westbury and Carlisle Streets)
I've got another Tasmanian stockist coming up within the next couple of months, too. Busy busy busy.


Adele said...

Yah for all the press! Cute dress!

Btw, do you know about Google Alerts? It's a service that will search a particular word/term/whatever on your behalf. So, every time it finds it, you'd get a email (you choose the frequency). Of course, sometimes you get stuff you know about, but you'll also learn whenever someone mentions you, links to you from their blog etc. It would save you having to search you name every week.

Stepstotheleft said...

That's a really lovely tradition to start. I think starting traditions is very important.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hayley for the lovely mention. Much appreciated! Have a fun Australia Day long weekend. Cheers, Tricia

Beka said...

Man, I love your designs! LOVE!

Kerry said...

Ohhh! I've been in Lulu, I love that shop! Congrats on getting your stuff stocked in there, that's fantastic! I love that dress, I'd totally buy it if it was in my size.

Also, that's a really nice thing to do every year (re: the tennis) in memory of your dad.

Stepstotheleft said...

You're on the front page of etsy again! You're on the front page of etsy!! Didya know?