Monday, March 9, 2009

A day in the park

I think this face is priceless:

It was Ellie's first time really riding the swing. I've attempted to put her in it before, but gentle pushes freaked her out. This time, she loved going up high (although this photo might not exactly spell that out).

Sometimes she thinks it's fun to walk lopsidedly, cocking her head to the side and doing a bit of a Frankenstein stiff walk. It's hilarious watching random people's responses, whose expressions indicate that they think she's a special child. She really is her father's daughter, kidding people for their reactions.


Yvonne said...

haha aw that's cute. ... lol the frankenstein walk.

「 ℒady ℐehanné.ℋ 」 said...

Awwwh! This is soo cute! She is so adorable indeed :) I take my niece to the park all the time & she absolutely loves it! Great blog!