Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Organic produce delivery in Melbourne

Is it weird for me to be excited about a box of fruit and veg?

I finally got around to ordering from The Green Line. I just got a box of produce this time, but next time I'll probably add on other groceries. Hopefully in time we can cut out supermarket shopping altogether.

Check out their website for some benefits of eating organic.


Chrisy said...

They look delicious...and sooo fresh...I'll have to see if we have one of these online stores up here in Brissie..

Quail said...

My life has been transformed with organic box deliveries. Carrots are usually included. I don't like cooked carrots that much, OK in a stir fry but I've taken to peeling all carrots and cutting them into sticks and putting them in the fridge for snacking. I'm addicted!!!

lyptis said...

I was just complaining that i had to go to the supermarket and i wanted home delivery and Penny(pocketcarnival) gave me the link to ur blog!

I HATE GROCERY SHOPPING!! And i definitely gonna scout out their website and see what i can find!:)

Penny said...

I just spoke to one of my buddies a couple of days ago and she said they get the green line too... I'm totally going for it. Yay!