Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Work smarter, not harder

I've been terribly inundated with life, hence my absence recently. I have an assignment due tomorrow (now completed, thankfully), the weekend was jam-packed, and last week I had a badly placed day off and familial obligations on my usual Heidi & Seek days. I do, however, have a bunch of new items to list when I have a minute.

I've decided that to ease the anxiety of my busy-ness, I will back off from projects that aren't necessary or important. I'm cutting out internet dawdling, like reading 100 blogs when I only care about 15, and looking far-and-wide for advice on expanding Heidi & Seek when, really, I'm okay with the current state of the business. I'm just going to stick with creating, blogging and listing. And customer service and order handling, of course. And I'm going to take weekends off (unless absolutely necessary or I find myself twiddling thumbs). I'm hoping this will mean that instead of cutting down my creating to make way for 'me time', I'm cutting the excess so that I'll still be able to create the same amount and have time for myself. What's it they say: work smarter, not harder? Well, it's all good in theory but we'll see how it goes.

I just got home from uni and it's 10pm. I'm ready to shower and pack it in.

Oh but before I go! There's an online trunk show sale happening online at Olio United for ethically made, recycled designer wares. Favourite labels of mine Armour sans Anguish and Supayana are features. I'm also really liking the jewellery by AK Vintage and particularly Frocky Jack Morgan, made from vintage and antique materials. In order of mention:


Recycled fabric eco-friendly trunk show


Anonymous said...

Funny that you titled this post "work smarter, not harder". That's exactly what I'm working on myself. Running a business is hard enough, running it in a struggling economy is nearly impossible. It's good that you're staying focused on a few tasks - I have a FIXED list I refer to everyday to stay on target.

Thanks for posting our trunk show! It's been great to highlight recycled collections and work one on one with the designers.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I can so relate to your comments at the moment. Good on you for finding a balance - I seem to be see sawing from one priority to another at the moment. One week i ignore the buisness and focus on the blog and then the next i'll ignore both and focus on family. I need to find out how to balance all hapily - without giving up and crashing on the lunge (which is what i am doing now).

Pattie said...

I really like that necklace!