Thursday, March 12, 2009

Green indie wedding

Tim and I have been engaged for over a year now. We didn't set a date because a) we are naturally procastinate-y people and b) we didn't have enough spare cash to fund the event. Tim just got a raise so we're starting to plan the thing (by 'starting to plan', I mean we had a conversation that went, "We should start planning," and, "Yes. Yes we should.")

I really don't have much direction at the moment. I've only been to two weddings before, and I was a kid then. At age 22, I don't have the benefit of seeing what my friends have done first because none of them are married. I know that we don't want a traditional wedding. It won't be in a church, things won't necessarily be white, I won't necessarily have bridesmaids. It'll be small, green, indie. I don't want to buy new things that will just be thrown away afterwards, so we'll look for eco-friendly alternatives, or skip unimportant traditions altogether.

I'm starting with the dress, because it's probably the easiest. It doesn't necessarily have to be white (I mean, with a daughter I'm obviously not exactly 'pure'). Actually, I don't particularly like wearing white, anyway. I'd like it to be unusual, and preferably not exclusively for wear as a wedding dress. I'm thinking something with lots of layers and textures.

I'm inexperienced at making intricate, delicate dresses, but I might give it a try. I'll try to use reclaimed materials so I'm not impacting the environment so much. I've been looking for inspiration.

The doily dress by Armour sans Anguish

A new piece from the lovely Tawny (who I interviewed here). I love this. I haven't seen anything quite like it before. Loving the textures and the flattering fit, though I think it's too short for a wedding dress.

I love the pop of colour in this, and the asymmetry. It's gorgeous and unique. I'm stuck between whether I want a floor length or knee-length dress.

This is much simpler than I'd like, but I'm liking the idea of the big bow and the asymmetry.

I put the white one there to show what the whole garment looked like, but I like the dusky purple one much more. Who would have thought a giant shoulder pouf would look so amazing?

Too many ideas, not enough time to test them all. I'm sure I'll be making a few trials. I'll keep you updated. I have yet to shop for materials.


Sarah said...

The grecian gown the gorgeous! That's probably my pick :)

Fashion Hayley said...

Exciting. My wedding was completely untraditional and indie (we got married in Tokyo) and looking back rather green too (wasn't thinking about it so much at the time) as my dress was made by a friend with vintage lace and we had a picnic where we made all the food ourselves (well my friend made the cute cookies) you can check it out here: So many good memories. It was also cheap. The venue for the after party was $300. The wedding certificate was done at the reg office the day before so we just had a picnic and my friend acted as the priest and said funny stuff like "will you live fashionably together forever?" (not sure if you can do this in Aus? In Japan no matter what you actually do all the paperwork at the local registry office and then the ceremony is up to you and anything goes as all the official stuff is out of the way) So yeah our wedding cost us about $500 all up. So cheap but it turned out amazing.

R. said...

Ahhh, wedding planning! I have no plans to ever get married, but I am such a girl when I start seeing pictures of dresses and table settings and such - perhaps I should be a wedding planner :p

That Makool dress is amazing. Silvery grey (with purple/raspeberry accents) would be a lovely bridal colour.


Penny said...

That's so exciting!

I looove this one by Armour sans Anguish

It's so gorgeous. The third photo especially.

Anyway, good luck with planning! I love weddings.

Carolyn said...

Oo i agree. Definitely get a coloured dress. There are so many pretty colours to work with. I'm sure you'll pick a great one! Good luck..

Heidi and Seek said...

Sarah - It is gorgeous, and does look very much your style!

Hayley - The pictures make your wedding look like so much fun! Love the red bow in your hair. I'm not sure of the 'proper procedure' in Australia, either. I'll have to check that out. Haven't even thought about a celebrant! (Is that even what they're called?) I don't think I'll want to spend much more than $1000, I think. Hopefully with some creating and cutting back on unimportants, we can get it to less than that.

Rachel - I didn't plan on getting married, either (even after Ellie came along). But we figure it's not so much about the traditional institution as having a cool party to celebrate us and being able to use the terms 'husband' and 'wife'. Regardless, we'll have the same commitment to each other and feel the same way as if we weren't getting married.

I think being a wedding planner sounds cool in theory, but I think my head would explode from organisation overload and having to deal with the sillier of brides.

Penny - I love the idea of that one, but I'm wary of the ruffles making me look larger than I am. I'd like it a lot more if the ruffles started lower down so the waist was defined.

Carolyn - Thanks for the reassurance! I'll have to think on colours.

JulieG said...

Ooh, how exciting! I love the giant poufy flowers, so extravagant.

If you haven't come across them already, you'll probably really enjoy the Indiebride forums. Lots of chicks there having green weddings, cheap weddings, lots of DIY, etc.

I tried to make my wedding green, but in Perth 3 yrs ago there weren't as many options as there are now, and I wasn't as experienced. I reckon you'll easily be able to meet your goals given how many awesome resources are out there now, and your diy skills.