Thursday, March 19, 2009

Inspiration collage and photography

Further to my last post about market research, I've created a survey and would appreciate if you'd fill it out for me! It's here. I'll post the results when it's finished.

I made this inspiration collage from a poster out of Frankie magazine and ideas from magazines that I cut out.

My work area is such an uninspiring mess at the moment that I thought this might brighten it up a bit and get ideas flowing. I'll add more inspiration pictures when I find more that I like. I didn't realise until after I made it that there are scissors on the poster - quite appropriate. I don't normally search for inspiration this way, I usually find it in the materials I use. But I've been feeling a bit uninspired lately, so this is a pretty remedy idea.

I constantly get new ideas in my head about non-clothing projects to try and things to learn. The ideas either fizzle out, or are stored in my head for later use, or I go out and find all the necessary materials I would need and then the idea fizzles out. Heidi & Seek is one of the ideas that I've followed through with, and that's immensely satisfying (even though it's been a long road).

This year I've 'decided' to start making jewellery, bags, armwarmers (all from reclaimed materials), write a novel, write and publish a beginners guide to sewing, exercise regularly, and, my most recent addition, learn photography. I've started each of these projects but haven't seen any of them through. Maybe I'll return to them later. But, for the minute, I'd like to talk about photography. I know enough to get by, taking decent enough photos for my online shops, but I'm still very much a point-and-shooter, occasionally fiddling with white balance, thinking vaguely about light and doing a lot of Photoshop editing. I've read guides on Etsy and such, but I'd love to delve deeper into the field. I love the idea of photography - capturing beautiful scenes in a picture forever. I'm sure it will make my shop look better, too.

I have an account on Flickr (which I've neglected up until recently) at I accidentally for some reason created two accounts when I signed up, and exists but isn't in use by me. Anyway, hopefully there will be more attractive photos up there soonish.


Tilli said...

It's hard having so many things you want to do and not being able to do them! I really am looking photography too, my parents got me and SLR for my 21st and I am letting it go to waste by not using it!!

I like the collage idea, I need something similar to inspire me I think!

mama mouse said...

ooh! good idea

Carolyn said...

You sound like me. There's just too many wonderful things to learn isn't there?

Armwarmers sound great. More economical and i suspect easier sell for you.

chunkychooky (Cath) said...

love,your blog too- glad we found each other! o

muchlove said...

That's a great idea for an inspiration collage. I keep meaning to make an inspiration board, but I never get around to it - I need to be inspired to make an inspiration board. How ironic, hehe...

I'd love to get into photography too. I've always relied on Photoshop to pretty-up my pictures, but I want to get my hands on a good SLR.

Sarah said...

Do I spy a Green Hanger? My bfs friends started that company and the concept behind it, and it seems to really be taking on recently.

Heidi and Seek said...

Sarah yes it's a green hanger!
I had to buy a bunch for a market.