Sunday, September 21, 2008

News news and daily style

The winner of the brooch giveaway is Kerry! Congratulations and thanks to everyone that participated. She chose the Tangerine Disaster brooch.

I was interviewed by the lovely Karen of fashion blog I'm Not Anti-social, who looks gorgeous (as usual) in her one-off heidi and seek dress. Check it out here!

Today I thought I would do my hair Marie Antoinette style.

Dress, tee, belt - second-hand
Tights - Sportsgirl
Cardi - Target
Boots - Steve Madden

Just kidding. The wind was working against me, but I thought I'd post the photo because I thought it was funny that I looked like quite the douche. These boots were my big buy for this six months and I love them. They have this kick-ass lacing detail at the back which I'll have to take a picture of sometime. They were about a third of the RRP from a Myer sale, which I've also gotta love.

I gave myself a haircut this morning. It was getting a bit too shaggy for my liking.

Ellie stayed at my parents' house last night while I went to see Taken with my bro. I'll admit it made me cry a little (despite being an action movie) because I'm a complete wuss when it comes to parents and their children.. this one was about an ex-spy and his kidnapped daughter, awh. Very entertaining.


Eelie said...

lol you are one daring girl. I could never pull off the marie-antoinette hair but you do it winderfully. If that is a picture of your daughter she is positively gorgeous and very similarly named teehee

Btw your self pimpage skills (aka hair shearing) is mighty impressive too :P

Anonymous said...

It was an absolute pleasure interviewing you, my sweet! I am in love with my new dress!