Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Spring colours"

Am I the only one that doesn't 'get' dressing for the season? Most fashion sites I look at are talking about spring or fall collections, depending on what side of the world they're from, and what they plan to wear in the new season. Seasons influence my dressing only by way of temperature - I can't exactly wear a sundress by itself in the winter rain. But add some tights (maybe two pairs) and a toasty cardi and jacket and why not?

This spring I plan to wear pretty much the same thing I've been wearing this winter, minus a coat and possibly tights, and with some shorter sleeves. I'll keep experimenting with colour, whether that be black, navy, white or gold, or even all of the above. I'm not going to wait for a breakthrough colour trend to tell me it's okay.

Tee - secondhand Witchery
Cardi - Target
Skirt - vintage
Boots - Steve Madden

I got this cardigan while I was pregnant, but I never really wore it because I didn't think it went with anything except black. And that was far too plain, stuffy, or emo looking for my liking. Recently I tried it with some different colours and patterns and now I think it goes with everything. This isn't my favourite way to pattern-mix the cardi, but I like that with some extra thought and a revisit, I've found that it's versatile enough to wear often.

PS. Note to self: Must. Clean. Mirror.


Sarah said...

I guess in Melbourne, where there are typically four seasons in one day, it's not as important to dress for a particular season as it is to just layer up "in case".

Hayley Lau said...

Yeah, I get dressing for temperature, definitely. I'm just not one to stick to certain colours or styles just because of the current season.

Mecino said...

Hi Hayley
I just came across your blog - it's great!
I totally get what you're saying. I layer heaps, and tend to wear what some people might say is a 'spring dress' in the middle of winter with thick tights, a warm cardi and scarf.
Michelle :)