Sunday, September 7, 2008

RAW Sustainable Fashion Parade

I was fortunate enough to get tickets to the RAW Sustainable Fashion Parade before they sold out. It was on Friday night. Ellie stayed with the grandparents while Tim and I trekked out to the Docklands, which, may I say, is quite confusing to navigate when your maps are old, given that it's newly developed.

A lovely lady approached Tim and I while we were figuring out directions with an 'Are you heading to the fashion parade?' Given that we were still a 15 minute walk away from the venue, we were quite chuffed that she thought we were fashionable individuals. Of course, she might have just seen us rushing and figured that we must both be running late to the same thing. But I'll just pretend that we looked good for the sake of gloating.

The parade showcased clothing and accessories made from recycled or organic materials. I really enjoyed the show, apart from me feeling like I was going to faint halfway through and needing to sit down. Wonderful Tim took photos for me though.

What I didn't consider was that my phone is not the ideal picture taking machine I thought (hoped) it might be, because I didn't want to lug the proper camera around.

Here are a few of my favourites for which the photos weren't a blurry mess (Photoshop couldn't fix them completely, I'm afraid).

Reconstructed shirt by Mucke. I think this was my favourite. The way it draped was just beautiful. I loved that the ties at the back actually looked like shirt sleeves, but weren't bulky at all.

Dress made from vintage kimono/obi fabric by Fourth Daughter. Love love love the colour combo and cut.

Made from reclaimed materials by Rachael Cassar. The leggings look significantly better on the model than those girls from Southland but I'm still not a fan of wearing them as pants. But this top and dress are just divine. Miss Cassar defines her style as 'transeasonal' which I do appreciate.

A fun and inspiring night. I would love to be involved in this next year!

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