Thursday, September 4, 2008

Southland discoveries

I was over at my old turf today (I'm ashamed to say), Southland Shopping Centre, for lunch and a stroll with mum. Here's what I discovered:
  • Cue has some surprisingly unique designs. I'd be interested to know of their 'sweatshop or not' status.
  • My old coworkers at Miss Shop in Myer are seeing the pinch with decreased sales and shifts. It's kind of a relief to know that the economy is affecting big business too, and it makes me feel prouder of the sales I have had.
  • Being in Valleygirl makes me annoyed. Mum was in there for a good half hour. They're pretty much against everything I stand for. For non-Australian readers, Valleygirl is a 'cheap and nasty' clothing store where most things are $10-$20 and attempt to follow trends. I browsed the racks, and found one really nice striped knit top among the rubbish, but wouldn't buy it on principle. It's weird how the fabric quality varies in there - sometimes there are pieces that aren't made from horrible thin synthetic.
  • There's a 'leggings as pants' trend going on that I find a little confusing. I saw about 10 girls in them. All black.
I think the world would be much more fashionably interesting if clothing couldn't be bought and everyone had to make their own or barter them.

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