Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Conor Oberst and TehSuck

I got a nice surprise when I was told that that blogger Myke ( wrote a little post about my dark circus top. It has reminded me to keep things simple more often. I do get carried away with adding bells and whistles a lot of the time.

Tim bought tickets to see Conor Oberst perform way back when they came out and a few weeks later he lost them. He was shattered. Shattered and penniless because they were expensive (okay I'm exaggerating a little). Anyway I felt like the best partner ever when I found them! Or the worst, because they were in my bedside table. Although I'm sure he never told me he was putting them there..

I never was a Bright Eyes fan, but I am liking his solo album. Bring on the concert.

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Anonymous said...

Wow how lucky was that! I'm be devastated if I lost concert tickets. It should be a great show.