Thursday, September 11, 2008

Style behind the scenes

I thought it might be fun to do some style posts occasionally. Plus I can (hopefully) prove that you don't have to look dated if you don't buy with the trends.

"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months."
Oscar Wilde

I chuckled.

Black tee - not sure.
Top - second-hand Topshop
Skirt - second-hand Armani Exchange
Socks -
Boots - Josef Siebel

Ellie liked her new friend a lot. They doubled high-5ed. A lot.

I later put on tights and a red and black houndstooth cardigan. The weather forecast, purporting a 20 degree day, failed to indicate that it would still be damn chilly outside. At least Ellie was toasty in fleece.

Those Josef Siebel boots are my favourite shoes ever. I've had them since like 2003, and they've lasted as my retail work shoes and through general wear until now. They need new laces and a regular polish, but aside from that they're still fully in tact and as comfy as they were 5 years ago. When these conk out, if I can find any others from Josef Siebel that aren't incredibly 'mature', I'll be all over that.

Speaking of lasting fashion items, a brand that you shouldn't expect to last is Urban Originals. Early this year I paid over $100 for a handbag that was significantly marked down from David Jones and the bloody thing is already falling to pieces. Just another example that price isn't much indication of quality. Trying to decide whether I should find a replacement on Etsy or make one myself...

And yes, that is CARPET in the kitchen. What. Would you believe I didn't realise this until after we'd inspected and accepted the place? It's awesome trying to clean thrown and smooshed broccoli off it.

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