Monday, November 3, 2008

I feel for you

I have some news for you that you're going to like: I have significantly reduced the price of everything in my Etsy store. It's not a sale. It's a reflection of the current exchange rate between the Australian and US dollars.

I re-costed every item based on a new pricing spreadsheet, then calculated the conversion from AUD to USD. And that's what the current Etsy prices show. My previous prices were based on the exchange rate when I started, when the Australian dollar was very comparable to the US dollar.

This means that my Etsy heidi and seek garments are affordable for Aussies, and even more so for US residents. I'm going to keep an eye on the exchange rate, and my Etsy prices will reflect it, so Aussies can constantly get a fair deal.

I also have some new items to share with you, available from my Etsy shop:

And if you want to buy something, snap it up today to take advantage of the free shipping offer. Finishes early tomorrow!

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