Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween costume

I had an email problem with switching my web hosting. For Thursday and Friday all my emails were bounced and I didn't get them. But it's up and running now, so please re-send if you emailed me something.

With that boring bit out of the way, here is my halloween costume from yesterday. I forgot we were going to a party until earlier that day, so I improvised with things from my closet.

And then I realised that the full skirt wasn't in the picture, hence this stupid pose:

Top: Vintage hand-me-down from mum
Red skirt and coffee-coloured skirt: both from Thailand

The random assortment of jewellery is part of my old and rarely worn collection, gathered from far and near.

I adore this multicoloured necklace. I bobby-pinned it in my hair for this look, which I heart so much that I might wear it regularly, too. I got it from Chiang Mai in Thailand. There's a lovely market there that lines the streets and includes an abundance of gorgeous jewellery. I came home with far more than I should have because it was during my spendaholic days.

Anyway, then Tim got home with Ellie and improvised his costume. It's probably a good thing I don't have pictorial evidence. He was dressed as a nerdy university academic, complete with white socks with sandals, shorts, stationery in his pocket and 'accidental' pen on his face. I was so inspired by his attention to detail that I thought my costume didn't have enough depth to it, so I tied a scarf around my head and hung a child-size skeleton arm we had lying around to one of my necklaces. Yes, just lying around.

It's actually part of a skeleton statue that Tim recieved as a Christmas gift. The arm of it fell off when we last moved. It sounds weird and it really is. I didn't have any pictures of me wearing it because we were rushing out the door.

Creepy, huh? I was a pirate wench or a gypsy. Or a gypsy pirate wench.

What did you get up to for Halloween?

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