Wednesday, November 12, 2008

About you, about me

I'm afraid I'm too exhausted right now to do part two of the sustainability expo. So instead I wanted to let you know that I've added an 'about' section to this blog, in which I talk about myself and the reason I'm here writing to you fine folks. I backdated the post so it won't appear on blog readers, but if you'd like to read it it's here.

In the spirit of getting to know each other better, we want YOU to tell us about you, too. What do you do and enjoy, love and despise?

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Unique Gowns said...

Hello Heidi,
I love my work ! How many people can honestly say it out loud and be proud ? I design and handmake my own label baptismal wear. I love travelling ! I hate dusting - well all cleaning . I think it is such a waste of time but if it needs to be done it needs to be done !
I am deeply sorry for your loss ! It is very important for you to be talking about your Dad - that is the best way to honor his life !