Saturday, November 1, 2008

New listings and new online shop

I've been neglecting my Made It shop. I wanted to wait until they'd sorted out their technical difficulties before I started listing a lot there. But I decided to start again so that fellow Australians won't have to consider the expensive status of the current exchange rate by buying from my Etsy shop. It would have given an option to shop in Australian dollars. Unfortunately, the tech issues still exist and didn't allow me to list.

So instead I'd like to introduce to you 2threads. It's an Australian "social network with style", and they've recently included the option to set up your very own 2threads shop. Leeloo is already there, so I've hopped aboard as well to give Aussies more reasonable pricing.

If you're at all interested in fashion, go set up a 2threads profile. You can view photos, add your own, mark others as inspirations, check out the blog and browse the items for sale. Or set up a shop. You can sell your second-hand items, too. Speaking of items for sale, here's the garments I listed in my brand spanking new 2threads shop.

Plus, check out my profile and spread some love.

And no, I haven't forgotten Etsy. Here are the new listings in my Etsy shop.


Hailz said...

Hi Hayley.. checked out your new listings at both sites and I think they're all fantastic, very nice!
quite tempted to buy the lot lol.

Mila said...

Hi Hayley!

Thank you for your comment on my blog!
I just visited your Etsy shop and wow...i must say there are some really beautiful items. You are definitely very talented and therefor i will absolutely do a post about Etsy and name your shop ans post pictures of your clothes1 They are so worth it.
I am not sure whether i will do a post today or some time later, but i won't forget about you, dear!

Thanks again.