Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bushfire Appeal

THEY warn you it comes fast. But the word "fast" doesn't come anywhere near describing it.

It comes at you like a runaway train. One minute you are preparing. The next you are fighting for your home. Then you are fighting for your life.

But it is not minutes that come between. It's more like seconds. The firestorm moves faster than you can think, let alone react.

Read the rest here: The Australian | How we cheated flames of death
The death toll of Victoria's bushfire disaster is currently at 173. It's expected to rise because they're constantly finding more people. That one or more of the fires were deliberately set makes me sick to my stomach. The TV news keeps showing footage of a man who left his two children at home to help fight the fire... and later they perished. Every time the fires appear on the news or I read about it somewhere I can't help but shed tears.

Via Anna Laura I found a shop on Etsy, ozbushfireappeal.etsy.com, where sellers donate goods and 100% of the proceeds go to the Bushfire Appeal. I've offered to donate this skirt.

It's one-size-fits all, due to the drawstring, so I thought it was the best option. I will let you know when it becomes available there. Please consider buying from the shop or donating to the Red Cross to help out. People have lost their homes, possessions and family members.

Australians can also donate blood for burn victims. There are a number of other ways to help listed at the Meet Me at Mikes blog, and info on how to help the wildlife at Vegan and Vintage.


Chrisy said...

great skirt and great cause...

Jacinta said...

^ agreed to both.