Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Green things and what I wore

Our energy company is Origin. We pay extra for a percentage of green energy, which means that that this percentage of the amount of energy we use is added to the electricity grid from renewable sources. In Australia, the mandatory amount of GreenPower that must be sourced into the grid is about 3%. It's up to us to get that tiny percentage higher by choosing green energy. Even 10% GreenPower helps and it doesn't cost much more at all. You can find out more here.

What brought me to this topic was that we get the current issue of Marie Claire for free for being with Origin. At first I was kind of dubious about the magazine, because I thought it would be too mainstream to interest me. I actually found it a darn good read. It had an Eco News page, upon which I found out about an organic grocery delivery company in Melbourne, The Green Line. I never would have thought to search out a service like this but I'm excited about ordering from them. At the moment we usually shop at the closest supermarket because we're strapped for time. This ends in a bunch of 'add-ons' to the trolley that we don't really need, and me still thinking that there's nothing to cook right after a shop.

Organic grocery delivery is even more convenient because it'll end up right on our front door step, plus we'll cut out all the unnecessary purchases, the food will taste better and be healthier, I'll be supporting a husband-and-wife run business instead of a large corporation AND it'll be much kinder to the environment. I'm quite sure we can work it so that it'll be cheaper than what we're currently doing, too. Phew. The delivery cost is quite a steal, and free for members standing orders (buying the same items every week). Groceries add up to so much over time, I'll be glad to finally feel ethical about my purchasing in this area. I'll feel much better about what I'm feeding my little one, too.

Have a Google and see if there's a similar business in your area.

Anyway! Here's what I wore today.

Dress - second-hand
Red boots - eBay, Django & Juliette

How cute are those sleeves? For some reason I very nearly passed this by at the second-hand store. And then I was planning on cutting it up for Heidi & Seek. When I got home and tried it on I found I loved it a lot more than my initial judgment let on, so I decided to keep it for myself, as is (although, now I'm thinking of sewing the wrap together, because today's wind meant a bit of a peep-show for onlookers).

P.S. I've been on a little listing hiatus at my Etsy shop, but new pretties will resume this evening.

P.P.S Mosey on over to Style Collective to see an interview with yours truly! Style Collective is a brand new fashion directory and style community. They have an indie style directory, too.

P.P.P.S. Made It is having a makeover! Soon the site will be revamped: bugs fixed, features added, new look applied. The problems with the site are what's made me stick to Etsy, but if all goes well I'll be listing regularly in my Made It shop as well.


Ali-bell said...

I don't think I've ever heard anyone use the phrase 'have a google' before... I like it! and I always end up sewing wrap dresses closed... same with the bottom of shirt dresses!

Stepstotheleft said...

Wrap dresses are shockers when it comes to showing the general public special things by accident. Either the skirt does funny things or the neckline does. That dress looks lovely on you.

Heidi and Seek said...

Ali - Do you know I made it up right on the spot.

Steps - Thank you! The neckline was a little gapey at times, but usually because I was slouching. It's a good posture-corrector.

Yvonne said...

the colors on the dress are pretty. i'm going to check out ur etsy....

Yvonne said...

sure! link exchange sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Home delivery of organic food is great isn't it! I used to get it delivered. But luckily we now have a great farmers market just down the road and a cheap organic co-op where I get a box of organic veges for only $15!. It feels good to give your money to little guys rather than the main supermarket chains dosn't it.
Thats great made it is having a makeover! Cheers, Tricia